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Evil Inc. Issue #2  September 8th
Editors Note: This issue was meant to spotlight the Blizzard (nee 
Killer Dwarfs), Heat and the Dragons (nee Hurricanes). With 
opening night only days away, these three teams deserved top 
notch coverage on the official CASC web page. But the Renegades 
wouldn't hear of it. Peter Knapp got upset, so the world had to 
stop until he was satisfied. The Heat are out in the cold for a 
little while longer, the Blizzard will have to cool their heels 
and the Dragons will hold back the fire 'til    the next instalment.
                           THE RENEGADES
                            Knapp Sacks It To 'Em
        It seems that Peter Knapp wasn't pleased with the article 
"The Saga of Paul Iacurto" (Issue #1). In that article, Peter 
Knapp, Ian Foster and Angelo D'Agostino were quoted in a story 
concerning Paul Iacurto's contract demands. Ian had no problems 
with the article, saying that "it made me sound like an 
intellectual. Imagine that. Me. An intellectual. Thank you." 
Double A D Apostrophe, on the other hand, was grateful that many 
of his profanities were edited out.
        Peter Knapp.  What can one say about Peter Knapp? (Many, 
many things, but there's not enough space) Why was Peter upset? 
It wasn't because he was quoted saying something uncomplimentary 
about a teammate. Heck, he does that all the time. Peter was 
upset because in the article, he "came across as European royalty 
with a tinge of Anglo-Saxon snobbery".
        "What you did, when you wrote those things", Peter K. said, 
"was make me look distant. Aloof. Like I didn't care about Paul. 
About his feelings. About his contract status", Peter said. "I do 
care. Paul is an acquaintance, with respectable talent. I want 
him to stay with the Renegades", Peter finished with a sigh.
        But Peter was not finished. "Can I tell you something off-
the-record?", he asked. Peter looked around to make sure no one 
was listening. Whispering, he said, "Paul will play on the 
Renegades and only the Renegades. It's not official yet but there 
are no takers in the trade market. Your article scared everyone 
away". Peter stopped to look around a bit more. "His demands were 
unreasonable. WCW better than WWF, my ass. His name mentioned 
first in any report was a non-starter".
        Peter was in his element now. "We, I mean I, tried to get 
the Four Aces interested in a trade. Unfortunately, Jack Lotti 
knows how to use the Internet and he even knows how to read, so 
he was aware of what was going on.  He's a WCW fan, as is 
everyone in Canada, and right there the conversation ended".
        In private, Peter admitted to unofficially trying to trade 
Paul Iacurto. Peter added that "publicly I will say all the right 
things but reality is beckoning. Paul has a choice. No one will 
take him with those five demands, especially us".  What were 
demands #4 and #5?, Peter was asked. Knapp knows that the league 
waits with baited breath to know what was in the original E-mail 
sent to him by Paul. Knapp smiled and said that was a secret that 
would never be disclosed. Ever.
        Hi, my name is John Wong. I wear #77 on the Four Aces. The 
skinny guy. Oriental. Defenseman. I give my best effort every 
time. I consider myself a nice guy and so do my teammates and my 
opponents. I'm a clean player.  However, I have a secret. I try 
not to share it with anyone because it might ruin my reputation. 
The secret is: I hate people. I want to see them, whoever they 
may be, suffer. The pleasure in my life derives from observing 
the pain of others. I wish that everyone, excluding my family, or 
most of my family, anyway, and certain people that owe me money, 
could feel the anguish and misery that mortal existence thrusts 
on humans every day. Life isn't fair. Now I'd like to take the 
time to wish every player in Action Circuit Sports the very best 
for the upcoming season. Good luck and I'll see you on the floor.
                    PAUL IACURTO: What Next?
        Very little to report on Paul Iacurto's status with the 
Renegades (Issue #1: "The Saga of Paul Iacurto"). Very little, 
unless of course you read "Peter Knapp Sacks It To 'Em". No 
contract has been signed. Trade talks may or may not be taking 
place. Paul has stayed out of the spotlight. He has refused to 
return phone calls, E-mails and regular letters from everyone but 
his captain Peter Knapp. This much is certain, though: Paul wants 
to play but also wants his five demands met. Three of the five 
were discussed last week. The other two have not been uncovered 
yet. So the questions remain: Will Paul be in the lineup opening 
night? Will he be happy? Will he play like the Paul of old or 
like an old Paul? Keep reading 'Evil, Inc.' to find out.
                            THE LATEST ON MIKE MURPHY    
        Since the interview with Mike Murphy was posted on the 
Internet (Issue #1: Speaking With The Legend") events have 
progressed. That is to say that nothing has been decided. Yet. 
But the phone lines are burning between members of the Bluedogs. 
They are trying to convince Murph, en masse, to come back. They 
view him, and rightfully so, as the main reason that they are 
defending champions.
         Gifts have been offered to Murph. But what can you give 
someone who has everything? Captain Kim Nethersole reportedly 
offered Mike free photocopies for life and was refused. Murph 
apparently has that already. As a result, Kim has been trying to 
recruit a replacement for Murph. Obviously, that isn't possible. 
 Kim has had no choice but to recite the mantra "the season won't 
be a disaster, the season won't be a disaster" every night before 
he goes to sleep.
        Forward Fraser Baird; Esquire, was so desperate to keep 
Murph on the Bluedogs that he offered Murph free legal services 
for the rest of eternity. According to Fraser, Murph refused. 
"Who needs a lawyer when I've paid off every cop and politician 
in the city and most of the judges as well", were Murph's exact 
words. As a result Fraser Baird is the one who is confused as to 
his future, and not just with the Bluedogs. Apparently he had 
never met anyone who didn't need a lawyer. "My faith in the 
judicial system is shattered. Public officials on the take. I'd 
never heard of it".
        And so the story goes. Murph is unavailable for comment. 
He's contemplating. He wants to return only if his legacy will 
not be disturbed. He wants to retire on top. His teammates don't 
care about the legacy. They want to win and having Mike Murphy on 
the team is their only hope. They must wait. The season starts in 
a few days.