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I Files
September 12 1999
With the addition to 2 new franchises to the men’s division, CASC players 
have never been so upbeat about the start of the season. The league has 
never been so talented and so competitive. The Bluedogs are no longer the 
runaway favorites to win the championship, as 4 of their key players have 
parted ways to form the expansion Demolition.  Red Phoenix is the other 
brand new franchise; it will be interesting to see how they stack up.
All 8 team captains are making final roster preparations for the season 
opener this Friday night in Pointe St-Charles. Here is my team by team 
analysis for the 1999/2000 season.
                          Inverness Pub Renegades
                           Projected Finish: 1
Back for another season: Paul Iacurto, Ian Foster, Chris Nadeau, Peter 
Knapp, Gary Cohen , Angelo D'Agostino , Darryl Vineberg 
Inter League Acquisitions: Sean Marcellin (from the Four Aces)
Departures: Joe Lazzara (to the Four Aces), Marc Beaudry (free agent), 
Billy Mark
Draft picks: Jason Thivierge, Ron Aboud       
1999 leaders
Points: Paul Iacurto (67)
Goals: Joe Lazzara (39)
Assists: Paul Iacurto (42)
Goalie wins: Billy Mark (7)
The Inverness Pub Renegades are riding high after winning the 1999 
Concordia Ball Hockey League championship, and will attempt to recapture 
the CASC title that has eluded them the past 2 seasons. The Renegades 
front office has been working overtime in the off season in order to 
field the best possible team for this season. Thumbs up on a job well 
Enter Sean Marcellin from the Four Aces. The league’s leading scorer for 
the 1998-99 season has transformed the Renegades from a good team to a 
great team. Not only is Sean a superb talent but he’s also provides a 
second to none analysis of the game. Call him the "mind" Marcellin. 
Sean has provided that competitive fire and killer instinct to the 
Renegades, that has been lacking for the past 2 seasons. He’s also fun to 
drink with.
The Renegades have lost sniper Joe Lazzara to the4 Aces, and we wish him 
luck with his new team. After playing on a part time basis for the first 
3 season, Gary Cohen will step in and take Joe’s place on a full time 
basis. Cohen is a solid offensive player with soft hands. Count on him 
for at least  20 goals. 
Super talent Darryl Vineberg will miss the first few games of the season 
but should be able to qualify for the playoffs (he did not qualify last 
year). Vineberg is a hard-nosed, rugged, yet very talented player who 
has always been an invaluable part of this team.
The ace up our sleeves. Ron Aboud, one of the greatest ball hockey players 
I have ever seen, should make his CASC debut with the Renegades (part time 
basis). Ron is a flawless player who can do it all at both ends of the 
floor. He’s the total package of size, speed, and gorilla like strength.
Jason Thivierge is the new man in between the pipes. He will provide a 
steady, weekly presence in nets. No more goaltender by committee like 
last year. Thivierge is excited about playing in the CASC league. He’s an 
above average goalie with a cat like glove hand.
Paul concludes: with such a talent filled lineup, the Inverness Pub 
Renegades are the most logical choice to finish in first place.
                      Projected Finish: 2
Expansion franchise
Inter League Acquisitions: Mike Callaghan (from the Buledogs), 
Mike Murphy (from the Bluedogs), Keith Myers (from the Bluedogs), 
Darren Roberts (from the Bluedogs), Brian Crompton (from the Four Aces), 
Gary Laxton (from the Four Aces)
Draft picks (tentative): Howie Myers, Brian Ender, Mike Couchman, Bob 
Cooke, Mr Vinnie, Mike Gravel
After months of solid rumors, the dismantling of the Bluedogs finally came 
about to no one’s surprise. Their loss in Demolition’s gain, whose roster 
is composed of 4 ex-Bluedogs. Mike Callaghan is the man at the helm. 
Although Demolition’s roster is thin  to start the season, Callaghan 
is a person of ample resources, with a wealth of quality hockey players 
at his fingertips. 
Demolition already has a waiting list of 17 players. It was through 
Callaghan that the Bluedogs brought in Keith Myers and Darren Roberts 
from the Pointe Ste-Charles league, who helped pave the way for the 
Bluedogs second championship.
Callaghan knows a hoard of talented players from the Pointe just waiting 
in the wings. We don’t call him the most dangerous man in ball hockey for 
nothing. Did you know that the "C’s" in CASC stand for "Callaghan"? In any 
event, have you ever noticed that players from the Pointe are all good??? 
By the second half of the season, Demolition should have their roster set 
and will be running on all cylinders  heading into the playoffs. Look 
Goaltending is the only question mark for Demolition. Brian Crompton will 
not move into the upper echelon of CASC goalies until he gets rid of those
steel toe construction boots that hamper his lateral movement. 
Paul concludes: don’t underestimate these guys. Demolition will demolish 
its share of opponents.
                         Projected Finish: 3
Back for another season: Bob Staric, Leonard Luedee, Stephane Cyr, 
Christian Couture, Stephane Gobeil, Frank Wolfe (spare), Victor Pajor, 
Chris Callihoo, Ghislain Plouffe, Simon Kabenian, Peter Cormier (spare goalie) 
Inter League Acquisitions: none
Departures: Peter Lorincz, Patrick Loufti, Anthony Ferreira
Draft picks: none
1999 leaders
Points: Chris Callihoo (62)
Goals: Chris Callihoo (42)
Assists: Stephane Cyr  (23)
Goalie wins: Leonard Luedee (6)
After a slow start, the Blizzard had a strong second half of the 1998-99
season and almost ousted the Bluedogs in semi final play. Hungry for a 
winning team, captain Bon Staric has undertaken (no Jimmy, we’re not 
talking about the Undertaker) a minor shakeup; 3 of their veteran players 
will not be returning to the Blizzard, including Anthony Ferreira, who has 
accumulated 100 points in 41 GP, good for 12th on the all time scoring 
The Blizzard’s offense ranks second in the league. They are led by 
Chris Callihoo who tied for first in the league in goals (42) and finished 
4th in league scoring (62 pts). Linemate Stephane Cyr should play an 
entire year; expect at least 50 points from this sniper. Chris Couture, 
Ghislain Plouffe and  Frank Wolfe, who led the playoffs in scoring, can 
also put the puck in the net.
Their 2 best defenseman are captain Bob Staric and Victor Pajor, who both 
play a solid 2 way game. Pajor impressed us all with his play on the 
summer Renegades and Screaming Maniacs. Leonard Luedee, who was nursing a 
nagging injury in the CBHL, will not be ready season starts.
Paul concludes: nobody takes the Blizzard lightly anymore. Their vicious
offense should be enough to vault them into 3rd place.
                              4 Aces
                          Projected Finish: 4
Back for another season: Jimmy Garoufalis, John Wong, Philippe Gaudreau, 
Donat Jean-Pierre
Inter League Acquisitions: Joe Lazzara (from the Renegades), Ragesh Patel 
(from the Dragons)
Departures: Sean Marcellin (to the Inverness Pub Renegades), Brian 
Crompton (to Demolition), Gary Laxton (to Demolition) , Francis 
Brisebois, James Mackenzie, Jack Lotti
Draft picks: Pierre Lebuis, David Lefebvre (both from the Martin Desbois 
Ball Hockey League)
1999 leaders
Points: Sean Marcellin (94)
Goals: Sean Marcellin (42)
Assists: Sean Marcellin  (52)
Goalie wins: Jimmy Garoufalis (6)
This is a totally revamped 4 Aces squad; only 4 players will return from 
last year’s team. Gone are 6 players, including the league’s leading 
scorer Sean Marcellin. Ex-Renegade Joe Lazzara, is the new ace in charge 
and will lead this talented lineup. The 3 major goal scoring threats will 
be Lazzara, Philippe Gaudreau and Pierre Lebuis, who was very impressive 
in a pre season exhibition game. Lebuis doesn’t have the softest hands but 
runs and hustles like there is no tomorrow; he will be a major contender 
for the rookie of the year award.
The most talented defenseman  are smooth stick handler Ragesh Patel, who 
was acquired via free agency  from the Dragons and Donat Jean-Pierre.  
Much maligned John Wong is the only other experienced defenseman. 
World Cup champion goalie Jimmy Garoufalis, who spends his time talking
about the Dollard Ball Hockey League and the PTM league, but never
the CASC league, will provide above average netminding. A good season 
from Garoufalis may finally give him the attention, admiration, recognition,
praise, compliments and eulogies he is so desperately seeking.
Paul concludes: the 4 Aces are a well balanced team that could easily 
finish higher than 4th in the standings
                           Projected Finish: 5
Back for another season: Kim Nethersole, Greg Phendler, Fraser Baird, 
Regent Proulx, Tony Ricci, Billy Ponting, Allan Ramdeen
Inter League Acquisitions: none
Departures: Mike Callaghan (to Demolition), Mike Murphy (to Demolition), 
Keith Myers (to Demolition), Darren Roberts (to Demolition), Lino Digenova
Draft picks: none
1999 leaders
Points: Kim Nethersole (52)
Goals: Keith Myers (28)
Assists: Kim Nethersole (31)
Goalie wins: Regent Proulx (21)
Franchises are cyclical. After winning 2 consecutive CASC championships, 
the Bluedogs are now in a rebuilding process. Yes, 7 veterans are back 
from last year’s squad, but the loss of 4 big name players to the 
expansion Demolition will hurt more than they can imagine. 
Some people considered Mike Callaghan the heart and soul of the Bluedogs. 
He’s gone. Mike Murphy’s tireless work ethic was an inspiration to whole 
team. He’s gone. Keith Myers was their best player last year. He’s also 
I tend to wonder if the Bluedogs front office has been serious about  
its commitment to winning in this off season. Until now, none of their 
departing players have been replaced (I could be wrong). The end result 
will be a serious lack of goal scoring. Kim Nethersole will have to 
elevate his game to another level if he hopes to keep the Bluedogs 
championship ship afloat. Billy Ponting and Tony Ricci will also have 
to step up. 
Paul concludes: This Bluedogs teams resembles the squad of 2 years ago, 
minus the 2 Mikes and Lino, who were 3 vital elements to their success. 
Their 1997-98 record was 11-7-2. Their record will be slighly worse this 
time around, since the league has caught up to them
                        Projected Finish: 6
Back for another season: Kamlesh Patel, Nick Kohner, Rafik Patel, Real 
Paquette, Ronen Nathan, Salim Karmali, Yves-Andre Louis-Saul
Inter League Acquisitions: none
Departures: Ragesh Patel (to the Four Aces), Ralph Reiber
Draft picks:R.J. Patel, Rizwan Intwala 
1999 leaders
Points: Ralph Reiber (51)
Goals: Ralph Reiber (40)
Assists: Ragesh Patel (33)
Goalie wins: Ronan Nathan (7)
The second year Dragons have only lost 2 players from last years team, 
only problem is they finished 1-2 in team scoring. The Dragons will miss 
Ralph Reiber’s goal scoring touch but will not miss his questionable 
attitude and constant penalties. All Star defenseman Ragesh Patel needed 
a change of scenery and bolted to the Four Aces. These 2 players accounted 
for 51 goals, practically half of the teams output.
Enter R.J. Patel and Rizwan Intwala, who will immediately fill that goal 
scoring void. R.J and Rizwan  are 2 very skilled hockey players with above 
average speed. Both should account for 20+ goals.
Paul concludes: the Dragons came out about even in the Ragesh/Ralph  
for R.J/Rizwan swap. This is a team that  finished 6-12-2 last year, 
which is also a fair prediction for this year. The Dragons are too nice 
and lack that killer instinct.
                           Red Phoenix
                       Projected Finish: 7
Expansion franchise
Inter League Acquisitions: Kyte Tran (from the Four Aces)
Draft picks: Chharly Var (C), Antoine Nguyen, Bat Tuan, Bernard Chiv, 
Dan Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Quang Nguyen, Quoy Hoy, Sokun Chen Chang, 
Van Thi
Talk about being a crapshooter. The only player I have ever seen play is
Kyte Tran. 7th place is my wily prediction. 
                       Lebeau Glass Breakers
                       Projected Finish: 8
Back for another season: Michel Godin (C), Dany Houle, Eric Charbonneau, 
Jean-Francois Marcil, Marc Charbonneau,  Sébastien Mancini, Yannick 
Inter League Acquisitions: none
Departures: Eric Savage, Eric Roy, Richard Sayarath, Todd Nelson, Martin 
Bouffard, Antonio Roy, Steve Beaulieu
Draft picks: Christian Faucher, Serge Deschamps, Stéphane Pageau
1999 leaders
Points: Eric Savage (66)
Goals: Eric Savage (41)
Assists: Eric Savage (25)
Goalie wins: Chris Campbell (4)
Captain Michel Godin should be given credit for taking over the Heat 
on such short notice in the latter portion of last year. Gone 
are all the disrupters, who have made room for players who just want to 
play ball hockey and have fun. 
The "new Heat" struggled in the last four games of the 98-99 season but 
will undoubtedly field a more competitive team this time around. We wish 
them luck.
                             CASC Final 
                   Inverness Pub Renegades vs Demolition
May the best team win. We’ll meet you guys at the bar after the game