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Defending champs defeated in season opener
Renegades score six unanswered goals in the second to topple 
Bluedogs 6-5
    The CASC Ball Hockey league inaugurated it's third season with an
opening night defending champions matchup between the Bluegogs (97-98
champs) and the Renegades (96-97 champs). The game did not disappoint.
It was a hard fought clean game from beginning to end, with the 
Renegades edging the Bluedogs 6-5.
    The Bluedogs got off to a quick start, scoring three quick goals 
early in the first period, including two by team captain Kim 
Nethersole. The Renegades seemed a little baffled by the early lead, 
but they nonetheless kept their composure as any veteran team does. 
"Don't worry about it guys - let's chill "said Chris Nadeau. On the 
Bluedogs bench, some of the players were suffering from a mild case 
of over confidence "This is it, were going all the way, did anyone 
bring the bubbly?" said Greg Phendler. "We're laying down the law 
this season. The jurisprudence is always on the side of the
defending champs" said Fraser Baird.
    The Renegades knew that it was only a matter of time before the 
goals would start pouring in since the Bluedogs weren't dominating 
them by any stretch of the imagination. And besides you don't keep
the all-star core of Renegade snipers scoreless for very long. Talent
always rises to the top. The Renegades patience and veteran composure
paid off, as they popped in six unanswered goals in the second period
to make the score 6-3 after two periods.
    The Bluedogs scored two late third period goals in the "bad net",
but it was too little too late as the Renegades came out on top with 
a 6-5 victory. Indeed all eleven goals were scored in the far end
net, which wasn't as well lit as the other net. The Renegades have 
made an official request to the Westmount High School Installations 
Board to have this problem corrected by next week. "4 foot
fluorescents are $1.48 each - I'll pay for them if I have to - 
playimg in the dark sucks" said light fixture salesman Paul Iacurto.
    Immediately after the game, Bluedog forward Allan Ramdeen was 
reached for a post-game comment: "I'm still on the floor - will you 
let me get up first - I guess the referee didn't fall for my dive.
Next week I'll go for my triple axel dive; even the most alert
ref cannot resist that one."
    In other action the Heat defeated the Blizzard 9-7, while the 
Dragons defeated the Four Aces 11-10. The videotape of that game 
entitled "Defense - we don't have a clue" was immediately sent
by Priority Post courier to Howie Meeker.