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EVIL, Inc Issue #7 
                       October 26th 1998
Press Release by Renegade Captain Says It All
        After last weeks controversial issue of EVIL, Inc., in 
which Renegade captain Peter Knapp was portrayed as a heartless 
authoritarian, Knapp fired off this press realease. (This is the full
text of Peter Knapp's press release)
      "I would just like to say that I was disappointed by what was 
       written by Jimmy Garoufalis last week, but I expected that 
       from Jimmy. What upset me most was Real Paquette and Paul 
       Iacurto's attitudes towards me".
      "Let's start with Real. He's not happy about being taken off 
       the Renegades after last season.  Real wasn't happy that his 
       firing, so to speak took place in front of his teammates at 
       a meeting. Real wasn't happy because he felt like he was a 
       scapegoat for the Renegades failure to win the championship 
       last year. 
       Too bad. Hockey is business . Business is about winning. 
       Winning is about elite players. Not winning means replacing 
       players who are not elite. Real fell into that category. One 
       day we may be on speaking terms. After reading last weeks 
       EVIl, Inc, however, I don't care if that day ever comes"
      "On to Paul Iacurto. Insubordination is the only word that can
       describe his behaviour. At least with Real Paquette he isn't
       on the Renegades anymore so he can say whatever he wants, 
       even if it's the skewered truth. But Paul is still playing 
       for my team and for him to continue asking for a trade is 
       simply unacceptable. He was never promised a release or trade 
       and I reiterate will never play for any team but the Renegades.
       What Paul did was use a popular article site on the league web
       page to air his frustrations against me via Jimmy's writing. 
       But I'm not fooled. It was Paul's idea. He will pay."
      "Finally some words on Jimmy Garoufalis. I am considering some 
       civil action for defamation of character for what he wrote 
       last week. Journalistic freedom be damned, I was made to 
       look like a dictator who didn't care.  My reputation took a 
       beating and I heard players on Friday night say that they 
       would never play for the Renegades if asked because they are 
       afraid the same thing that happened to Paul and Real might 
       happen to them. Bullshit. Business is business. Real and Paul 
       have to learn that. So does Jimmy."
                    MURPHY TO STAY ON BLUEDOGS
   "I Like Mike" Captain Kim Nethersole Makes It Official
    After weeks of intense speculation, it was finally announced 
that Mike Murphy would remain a Bluedog for the remainder of the 
1998-99 season.  This put an end to rumors, both published and 
whispered, that the "Legend" would be given his unconditional 
release. This would have destroyed the legacy that Murphy had 
worked so hard to build. Captain Kim Nethersole, pressured by 
reporters for comment before the important game versus the Renegades,
said simply and succintly, "I like Mike". Asked to expand his 
statement, Kim added, "Mike will remain a Bluedog for this season. 
The whole season. No trade. No release."
    Strangely enough, though, no other Bluedog member would answer 
reporters questions concerning the Murphy situation. This despite 
destroying the Renegades by a whopping margin of 11-2. The subject 
of Mike Murphy naturally came up, but was pushed aside as the sight 
of celebrating Dogs dominated the scene. Murphy had a subdued 
reaction after the match. Murphy, normally an easy going guy who 
responds to questions freely, just shrugged at questions and grunted 
answers that were incomprehensible.
    The saga began in training camp. In a late August interview, 
Murphy told EVIL, Inc writer Jimmy Garoufalis that he was seriously 
contemplating retirement because he had accomplished everything 
possible in the world of ball hockey, what with winning the CASC 
championship this past April. The Bluedog management was, of course, 
horrified to hear that their star player might not be on the roster 
when the official season started.
    However, on opening night Murphy decided to insert himself back 
on the Bluedogs. This pleased his teammates, but soon after they 
became disenchanted with Mike's poor play. Among others, Rejean Proulx, 
Fraser Baird, Mike Callaghan and Greg Phendler, were all quite vocal 
in their displeasure. This discontent became public when the above 
mentioned 'Dogs were quoted in Issue #4 of EVIL, Inc, as saying 
Murph could be on the way out.
    The situation has been resolved. For now, at least. Because even 
though Kim Nethersole said Murph would remain with the team for the 
remainder of the season, the Bluedogs reactions to the news was 
indifferent, perhaps even unhappy. As the story develops, if indeed 
there is a story, EVIL, Inc will be on top of it.
                      ** Four Aces **
    A 5-5 tie with the Blizzard has fueled the hopes of the Aces. 
With an 0-4 start, players on the Aces were beginning to worry that 
the season was turning into a disaster. But with a 12-8 win over the 
Heat and the tie with the Blizzard, there is renewed hope.
    New players Stephane Gavreau and Phillipe Boucher have added 
speed and forechecking, John Wong has increased his performance to a 
level higher than usual, Sean Marcellin is among the lead leaders in
 points and Yannick Medou is  moving up the statistical goaltending 
ladder. With this amelioration, the Aces are bound to threaten 
opponents in the future. The major problem the Aces have encountered 
is the poor play of captain Jack Lotti. Too many giveaways in front 
of his own net, lacklustre hustle and poor decision making threaten 
to hurt the Aces in coming weeks.
                           ** Blizzard **
   The play of goaltender Leonard Leodu has been nothing short of 
superb thus far this season. A G.A.A. of 6.00 and save % of .830 are 
huge improvements over last seasons numbers when he was a member of 
the Killer Dwarfs. Part of the reason is the new and improved Killer 
Dwarfs (now called Blizzard) but Leodu's performance must also be 
analyzed. Last year, Leonard struggled with balls in the crease, 
failing to make the freeze quickly. He also was not coming out of 
the net fast enough to cover the angles.  Right now, however, Leodu 
is playing on a par with the league's best. He blocks the angles 
superbly, doesn't give long rebounds, and freezes everything in 
                          ** Heat ** 
    The lack of sportsmanship on the part of the Heat has been 
well-documented and known throughout the league. Opponents have been 
accustomed to watching the Heat refuse to shake hands after very 
loss. (and this season, unlike the last, the Heat have lost more 
than they've won)  It is always the fault of the referees or the 
other team, but never ever do Heat players look in the mirror. One 
hopes that captain Chris Campbell can find an answer to a question 
most in the league no longer care to ask: When will the Heat start
acting professionally?
                             ** Dragons **
   .907% and 3.00. G.A.A. These are the numbers that Dragons goalie 
Ronen Nathan has posted in the last 2 games.  Compare those with 8.75
G.A.A and .780% and you'll find a huge improvement in Ronen's 
performance.  He has stopped in close shots brilliantly the last 2 
weeks and improved his side-to-side mobility as well. Ronen continues
to have difficulty with point shots but has started to step into the 
shot instead of backing up.  Having great defenseman like Real 
Paquette, Kamlesh Patel and Nick Kohner helps, of course, but Ronen 
deserves credit for putting in excellent performances two weeks in a 
row. With the Dragons sitting at 3-3, with thitd place all theirs, 
opponents need to start worrying when the Dragons are next on the