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Evil Inc.
by Jimmy Garoufalis
August 8 1999
The Dragons won 4 of their last 5 games, including their final three, to 
move from 11th place all the way to 6th. The Dragons will now face the 
Goodfellas in the first round of the Concordia B Division Playoffs Tuesday at 21:00.
Many have asked Jimmy to provide some insight as to the Dragons season, so 
here it is. An evaluation of the entire team, from forwards and defensemen 
and goalie Brian Crompton. Even yours truly. 
1-5-1 start
Sean showed his vaunted offensive skills, as  usual, but his 2 way play 
left much to be desired. The team falling behind  early forced Marcellin 
to do too much by himself, and even Sean, at his  very best, can only do 
so much with a depleted team. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: B+
4-1-0 finish
Basically, Sean did it all. On a line with Peter Knapp, he averaged over 4 
points a game,showed prowess as a defensive forward, forcing turnovers 
both in the neutral zone and inside the opponents blue line. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish: A+
1-5-1 start
Peter is a study in character. After witnessing the Dragons' debut, a
10-1 shellacking at the hands of the Goodfellas, Peter could have quit. No 
one would have blamed him. The Dragons had no cohesion, one substitute and 
there was no guarantee that things would improve, even slightly. Peter 
stayed on. He played a solid 2 way game, was the teams offensive light and 
did not complain. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: A-
4-1-0 finish
Peter teamed up with Marcellin to form what was the league's best scoring 
combination in the 2nd half of the season. Peter did it all. Played the 
point on the power play, played practically the whole game twice and 
covered pinching defensemen's asses on many an occasion. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish: A+
Grade for 1-5-1 start. 
Not very auspicious. For a veteran, Jimmy was erratic, lost the ball too 
many times, had his passes picked off, did not hustlet back to help on 
defense, did not score once, and did not provide any leadership. And as 
usual, Jimmy was mean tempered and egotisitical. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: D
4-1-0 finish: Played one game as a goalie and gave up three goals to the worst offensive team in the
league, almost costing the Dragons a playoff spot. But at least the Dragons bailed him out. Played
twice as forward and did not stand out, except when he took a retaliation penalty minutes after telling
his teammates not to do anything stupid. Played the last 2 games on D and will be remembered for
costing Sean a goal by being in the opponents crease, about fifty feet out of position. And as usual,
Jimmy talked too much and did little else. Grade for 4-1-0 finish: C
1-5-1 start
Salim impressed with his opportunistic ways early, scoring 4 goals
in this stretch, along with countless other chances. A bit inconsistent 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: B
4-1-0 finish
Missed a few games, and in the games he did play, he played below average, 
always on the borderline of taking bad penalties, and not showing the 
hustle that made Kamlesh want him on the team to begin with. A natural 
goal scorer, he did not find the net during the teams' best run of the
season. While the team soared, Salim stagnated. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish: C-
1-5-1 start
Demonstrated his natural talent but also showed that when times got
tough, he was not always willing to give that extra something that makes 
a Peter Knapp so valuable.
Grade for 1-5-1 start: B-
4-1-0 finish
In the last 2 games of the season, Ragesh came close to finally becoming 
the superstar many say he can be. Being put on a line with Sean and Peter 
does that to people, and Ragesh shone. He ran to the corners, filled the 
passing lanes, unleashed his devastating shot, came back to help on
defense and aside from almost taking a horrible retaliation penalty 
against the Bullies, was perfect.
Grade for 4-1-0 finish. A
1-5-1 start
Always a hard worker, with unquestioned heart and determination, John
simply did not play up to his capabilities. Much is expected with a
vaunted reputation, and John had much to reprove. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: C
4-1-0 finish
Brilliant. Scored twice in the stunning upset of the Terror Squad, 
including the winner, as well as scoring goals in the last 2 games of the 
season, as well as drawing penalties at an unheard of pace. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish. A-
1-5-1 start
Kam, like John Wong, is an unquestioned leader, but Kam, like John, 
struggled. Kam made mistakes, turnovers in the defensive zone and failed 
clearing attempts in an attempt to compensate for the teams then sagging 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: C+
4-1-0 finish
Kam played both forward and back with equal aplomb. When the chips were 
down, Kam came through. Statistics will not show his impact, but his 
teammates know the value of Kamlesh Patel.
1-5-1 start
Took a while to adjust to the big surface, but Yves Andre showed the 
promise expected of him. Boundless energy compensated for his relative
Grade for 1-5-1 start: B
4-1-0 finish
Yves Andre missed three games in a row, and it showed when he made his 
return for the final 2 games. Often out of position, less energetic, 
too much moving with the ball and not enough passing. Yves Andre's 
momentum and improvement was slowed down as a result. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish. C-
1-5-1 start
As with most big surface rookies, Real struggled during his adjustment 
period. The longer clearing attempts took some getting used to, and Real 
needed time to learn when to use the boards and when to work the middle of 
the floor. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: C+
4-1-0 finish
The Dragons' best defenseman down the stretch. No doubt. Blocked shots 
with relative ease, controlled the flow of the game when the ball was in 
his end, did not lose the ball at all, and was able to intercept passes 
and stop fast breaks at an alarming rate. Surprisingly enough, Real 
showed some pop at the point too. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish: A
Just like Wong and Kam, Nick, as a veteran of the big surface was expected 
to be a steadying influence. Nick played adequately, although he turned 
the ball over a few too many times, and he had problems clearing the zone 
and preventing speedsters from getting breakaways.
Grade for 1-5-1 start: C-
4-1-0 finish
Missed a few games, but when he came, he played the way a defensive 
defenseman should play. Effective, with little attention drawn to him, 
being in proper position by leaving little space for others to get around. 
Grade for 4-1-0 finish: B+
1-5-1 start
The circumstances were difficult. The Dragons played below adequate defense,
gave up countless opportunities, countless shots, which would test any 
goalies' patience and ability. That being said, Brian did not play up to 
his standards. Normal looking shots were giving him trouble and there were 
too many rebounds. 
Grade for 1-5-1 start: C-
4-1-0 finish. 
First 7 games 1-5-1 won loss record, 7.28 GAA Last 4 games 3-1-0 won loss 
record, 3.00 GAA Those numbers say it all. Brian excelled in both the 5-2 
upset of the Terror Squad and the 4-0 loss to the Storm, and while he did 
not play as brilliantly in the final 2 games, Brian only gave up goals 
after the games were already decided. Solid positioning, few rebounds, 
stamina and a focus were Brian's calling cards the 2nd half. 

Grade for 4-1-0 finish: B