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Dec. 9th 1998
                             Evil Inc. Issue #9
                            JIMMY'S CASC BOOK OF LISTS
                        CASC Mid Season Report
Best Goalie
(1)Rejean Proulx, Bluedogs: Reggie leads the league in every 
statistical category.
(2)Leonard Leodu, Blizzard: His won-loss record is mediocre to 
horrible, that's true. However, his G.A.A. is 3nd to Reggie, and he 
has kept his low scoring team in every games with his excellent 
(3)Yannick Medou, Four Aces: Inconsistent play shows in the stats, 
but he has played a huge role when the Aces beat some good teams. 
Unfortunately, he has also played a huge role when the Aces
lost to some weaker teams.
(4)Ronen Nathan, Dragons: Has an average GAA, especially considering 
he faces fewer shots than any goalie. His won loss record is 1 games 
over .500, not very good when the 1st sentence is analyzed.
(5)Chris Campbell, Heat: Yes, he faces a lot more shots than anyone 
else. Yes, his defense is well below average. But hey, it's tough 
being a goalie. Chris has to stop shots early in the game, give 
his team confidence. Chris hasn't done that. 
Best Defensemen
(1)Mike Callaghan, Bluedogs: Pinpoint passing, positional play, 
accurate point shot. Sublime player.
(2)John Wong, Four Aces: Yes, he hates my guts for not printing his 
stories on this web page. Yes, he has dropped me from his team in 
the past because I wasn't "good enough". But this season has been 
Wong's best. He has increased the level of intensity on the Aces to 
the point where they climbed the standings after losing their first 
four games. Stats do not measure his play.
(3)Robert Staric, Blizzard: A true leader, a major reason why the 
Blizz are playing such solid D. 
(4)Real Paquette, Dragons: It is no accident why the Dragons give up 
way fewer shots than any team in the league. This former Renegade 
has a lot to do with that.
(5)Ian Foster, Renegades: Not his best season, to be sure, but he 
remains among the elite.
(6)Kim Nethersole, Bluedogs: Despite leading all defensemen in 
scoring, he rates low on this list because his overall play on D has 
not been up to his usual dominating standards.
(7)Rajesh Patel, Dragons: Booming shot, great positional play, is 
not afraid to get in front of a shot.
(8)Chris Nadeau, Renegades: Read Ragesh Patel, just above.
(9)Eric Roy, Heat: If you have to have a Heat player on the list, 
you might as well choose Eric. A good player, with gusts to 
excellent. The only approachable member on the Heat.
(10)Kamlesh Patel and Greg Phendler, Bluedogs(tie):excellent players 
playing at their usual level
Best Forwards
(1)Paul Iacurto, Renegades: I'd rather drink poison, eat broccoli 
and watch WCW for a year than say anything nice about my competitor 
for web page supremacy. But I promised myself that I'd be objective, 
so here goes: Paul has played awesome, carrying an injury-riddled 
offense while at the same time leading the league in points.
(2)Sean Marcellin, Four Aces: There's nothing he can't do. His value 
goes beyond being in the top three in league scoring. Sean is a 
superstar who can also be deemed a "team player".
(3)Ralph Reiber, Dragons: Has scored many highlight film goals, 
alongside linemate Chris Smith. Is also near the top among league 
pointgetters. Ralph's only weakness is long shifts which can lead 
team dissatisfaction. 
(4)Chris Calihoo, Blizzard: Thus far, Chris has carried an offense 
which has had major problems scoring goals. 
(5)Eric Savage, Heat: Sure, he's a full blown cherrypicker. But 
Savage led the league in goals last season and he's leading the 
league this season. Skilled player to be sure
(6)Joe Lazarra, Renegades: Soft hands, with a good nose for where 
the ball is, especially around the net.
(7)Yves Andre St. Laurent, Dragons: Great moves, nice quick 
snapshot. Having a disappointing season considering his talent level.
Award Picks
Most Valuable Player
Mike Callaghan, Bluedogs: 
His worth can't be measure in goals and assists, only in wins. 
Worth mentioning:Paul Iacurto, Renegades and Rejean Proulx, Bluedogs
Biggest Overachievers
The Bluedogs. 
Supposedly a team with a two superstars and lots of ordinary players. After winning the
title last season and being on top of the standings this campaign, 
maybe it's time some of these 'Dogs were given their due.
                   ASK THE LEGEND, PART II
Due to the incredible popularity of the first edition of ASK THE 
LEGEND, in which yours truly attempted to predict the outcome of the 
SURVIVOR SERIES, I will be answering some more fan mail in this issue.
        Dear Legend,
My name is Vannessa, I play in the women's division and I am a big 
fan of EVIL, Inc. as well as ASK THE LEGEND. I find your work to be 
top notch and informative as opposed to the writing of Paul Iacurto. 
I find that Paul is pretentious and elitist while you are merely 
brilliant and incisive. My question is: What makes you so amazing? 
                 Signed/ A reader with good taste. MsVannessa.
       Dear Vannessa,
To answer your question would take pages and pages of me writing 
about myself. On most occassions, I'd comply with a thesis on "The 
Greatness of Jimmy" but it is Sunday, and I have forgotten all the 
lies that I promised I'd tell should I be asked this question. 
Needless to say, you are correct in your assumption. I am amazing. I 
hear that from fans all the time. And you are correct as well when 
you describe Paul Iacurto as pretentious and elitist. He is, although 
he is very polite about it. What makes me so amazing?, you ask. I am 
incorrigibly myself at all times. 
     Dear Legend
this is Darren Roberts of the Bluedogs. I have a beef to pick with 
you. In ASK THE LEGEND Part I, you criticized our captain Kim 
Nethersole, saying a few things that were wrong. For instance, Kim 
is not 40. I repeat, Kim is not 40. He's nowhere near 40. He's 39. 
And as for Kim being overrated, that's not true either. He was never 
rated to begin with. And as for Kim's best days being behind him 
and that he can't hit the net if he prayed every night for a year, 
well…..that part is true. 
The part that got to me was when you was the last sentence when you 
said, and I quote "I'm sure you have friends that will lie to you 
and tell you that you still have what it takes" to play at a high 
level. Are you kidding me, Kim has no friends, at least none that 
are human and live on Earth. You insulted my captain and that is 
something nobody should ever do. 

                        Signed/ Darin' Darren