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Renegades light them up for 12 goals in lopsided affair
26 septembre 1998
  Ask any Renegade. Playing the Heat always brought out the best in 
them. Last year's regular season matchups between the Heat and the 
Renegades were very intense from beginning to end. Emotions ran high 
- almost too high. Those were some memorable games. It was undoubtedly
the #1 rivalry of the 1997-98 CASC Ball Hockey Season.
New season, new Heat. Indeed, the 1998-99 edition of the Heat is 
totally revamped from top to bottom. The only returnees are last 
year’s leading scorer Eric Savage, Eric Roy, Martin Bouffard and 
goaltender Chris Campbell. Enter Jean-François Marcil, Antonio Roy, 
Mario Lizotte, Todd Nelson, Eric Gosselin, John, Kefslas and Gus Man.
A significant change, to say the least.
The Renegades were told by league insiders that "this wasn’t the same
Heat as last year". Nevertheless a veteran team like the Renegades 
never takes an opponent too lightly. Pre-game preparations for the 
"new Heat" went on just like they always do . Chris Nadeau had his 
usual hourlyafternoon session of yoga and telescope moon gazing "It 
helps me relax before a game" said Nadeau. Joe Lazzara devoured a 
big plate of manicoti in rosé sauce with a glass of homemade wine.
"I’m new at this wine making stuff - I'm not a first generation 
Canadian-Italian - my wine tastes so bad that it riles me up for 
each game" said Lazzara. Angelo D’Agostino swallowed a tablespoon of
Windsor salt. "I owe it to my employer - and besides the salt makes 
me nice and hyper." said D’Agostino. And of course, pre-game 
preparations wouldn’t be complete without Darryl Vineberg showing 
up two seconds before each game. "It gives me good practice for my 
wedding" said Vineberg.
The first period was played in uneventful fashion. A little less 
intense than usual, but nothing dramatic. The Renegades held a 3-2 
lead going into the second. From that moment on, a barrage of goals
ensued with the Renegades popping in nine more, to the Heat’s one. 
Angelo D’Agostino, who had seven goals all of last season, scored a 
natural hat trick in the second period. After his third, Angelo’s 
stick was immediately taken to the CASC Hall of Fame, to be bronzed 
and put on display in a glass case.
The rivalry wasn’t there, the intensity wasn’t there and the game 
was never in doubt after the first period. Renegades 12, Heat 3. 
It was ugly - and dull. The Renegades found out first hand that 
this wasn’t the same Heat team as last season. Indeed, the Heat's 
lineup is totally revamped, but some things still remain the same; 
the Heat’s philosophy is still well entrenched, alive and well. They 
still wine and complain every time they’re called for a penalty - 
they still over-celebrate every time they score a goal and they still
don’t shake hands when they take it on the chin. Opponents beware.
It will be an uphill climb for the Heat in order to turn things 
around this season. Time is on their side,since it’s still very 
early in the season. The Renegades are looking forward to the old