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†††††††††††††††††††††††† Issue #9
††††††††††††††††††† November 11th, 1998
††††††† This is the first in a series of weekly advice columns in 
which 'EVIL, Inc'. writer Jimmy Garoufalis will publish answers to
the burning questions of the day, asked by you, the readers and 
players of Action Circuit Sports. This column is another example of 
the 'EVIL, Inc' superiority when it comes to giving readers what 
they want: entertainment with facts mixed in.Other CASC web pages, 
despite their higher ratings, simply do not have the wherewithal to 
do likewise. To have your questions answered,E-mail the Legend 
††††††† Dear Legend, My name is Ragesh Patel and I play for the 
Dragons. I want to bet on who will win the Survivor Series tournament
this Sunday.Also, who do you think will be Mankind's mystery partner.
I need your advice. Help me.Signed/ Raging in Dragonland.
††††††† To Raging .In Dragonland// Your question is a very good one 
and I will answer it for you. These are the odds that I'm laying 
down for those who are in your position.
†††††††††††††††† ††††† "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 
††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††ODDS: 2 to 1
Why Austin will win? 
Stone Cold is the main eventer. Austin gets an audience for WWF 
PayPerView, gets ratings for Raw and Heat and his merchandise sells 
like no one else in sports today. His first two matches will be easy,
first against the Boss Man and then most probably versus Steven Regal.
†††With enough rest, Stone Cold will be able to go up against Mankind
in the semi's before winning the final.
††††††† Why Austin won't win? Four matches in one night? Are you 
kidding? With his body being in the shape that it's in.It would 
require very fast matches early in the evening that would make it 
obvious that the fix is in. NO, it's a good bet that Austin be 
disqualified against the Boss Man in the round of 16, then make
 an appearance later to help the eventual champion in the final, 
just to make McMahon mad.
††††††† Prediction: Meet the new WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin.Let's face it.He's the man.
†††††††††††††  †††††"The Rock" Rocky Maivia 
††††††† †††††††††††††††††ODDS: 3 to 1 
Why will the Rock win? 
The name of the December PayPerView is 'Rock Bottom'. This means 1 
of 2 things. Either he defends the belt for the 1st time at a PPV 
that bears his name, or that he wins the belt at the PPV that bears 
his name.Also, he is in the best physical condition of any other 
wrestler in the tournament, save for Shamrock perhaps. It wouldn't 
be a stretch for the WWF to make him win four gruelling contests in 
one night and make it look believable. It would also give added 
heat to his growing battle against McMahon.
††††††† Why The Rock won't win? 
The WWF wants his 1st title reign to start with Wrestlemania XV in 
March.Therefore, they want to build up his character to the point 
where fans will accept his being a main eventer before giving him 
the belt. And having him lose in a controversial fashion will give 
added heat to his growing battle with McMahon. A win-win proposition
for the WWF. 
††††††† Prediction: The Rock will lose in the final, after having 
given every last ounce in his body. A new hero is born, a new main 
eventer is in the fold, and RAW kicks NITRO's butt for the 
foreseeable future.
††††††† †††††††††††††††††† The Undertaker 
††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††ODDS: 5 to 1
Why The Undertaker will win? 
He lost cleanly to Austin at Summer Slam 98 in August.He's had 
to go through his main event championship matches at Breakdown 
(September) and Judgement Day (October), knowing that McMahon did 
not want the belt won by anyone, so as to continue the current 
storyline. In short, the Undertaker is owed for his cooperation. 
The 'Taker has also been given a low profile since Judgement Day, 
perhaps so fans could not guess at his winning the tournament.Two 
more reasons to take the Taker. One, having been given a bye into 
the round of 8, means having to fight one less match, which is good 
given his condition of late. And two, his tombstone is one of three 
symbols on the official Survivor Series poster. 
Why The Undertaker won't win? 
The last time a tournament like this was held to determine the 
new WWF Champion was at Wrestlemania IV (1988). Two wrestlers were 
given a bye, Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, in order to face each 
other in the round of 8. Similar to the Survivor Series this year 
with Kane and Undertaker. In 1988 Hogan and the Giant fought to a 
double disqualification. History will probably be repeated. 
††††††† Prediction: A double DQ with Kane, which will only fuel 
their already stale rivalry. If The Undertaker somehow beats his 
brother Kane, however, don't be surprised if he goes to the final 
and wins. 
Unlikely, but 
††††††† †††††††††††††††††††† 
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††Ken Shamrock
††††††† ††††††††††††††††††† ODDS: 7 to 1
Why Shamrock will win? 
He's Vinny Mac's corporate champion.He's in excellent condition, 
and just like the Rock, can wrestle four matches in one night and 
make it look believable to the fans.
††††††† He's hated by the fans because of his new bad guy character, 
and winning the title will make him even more popular (in terms of 
recognition factor) Unlike the Rock, however, who is in a win-win 
situation, the WWF can't make a mistake by having Shamrock lose.
††††††† Why Shamrock won't win?
His acting, his microphone work is not up to snuff yet. He's not a 
bonafide main eventer just yet, and even by winning, he may not jump 
to that level.
††††††† Prediction: Shamrock loses to the Rock in the round of 8.
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mankind
††††††† ††††††††††††††††† ODDS: 12 to 1
Why Mankind will win? 
Letís face it. After all the crazy falls he has taken, he's owed 
that much.His creation, Mr. Socko, has become just as popular in a 
few short weeks. If Mankind wins, McMahon would be able to utilize 
Mick Foley's amazing acting ability and wrestling skill to start up 
any number of potential rivalries and incredibly funny situations.
Also, Foley has been in the main event of a PPV four times so far in 
1998, so fans are accustomed to seeing this demented individual in 
the crunch.
††††††† Why Mankind won't win? 
Let's face it. After all the crazy falls he has taken, he is not in 
condition to battle it out for four matches in one night. The fans 
are just not ready to see Mick Foley as champion, deciding instead 
to revel in his amazing ability to entertain in whatever gimmick 
he's given. 
††††††† Prediction: Mankind loses to Austin in the semifinals, gives 
the best interview of the night, popularizes Mr. Socko even more 
just in time for the Christmas buying season (what a coincidence) 
and steals the show.
††††††† †††††††††††††††††††† 
††††††† †††††††††††††††† ODDS: 30 to 1
Why Kane will win? 
He's played the role of the deranged dentist, he's played the role 
of the fake Diesel. Give him a break. He's a better wrestler than 
people give him credit for, although not that much better. He's held 
the title once before, although only for a day. If he wins the belt, 
the WWF might make him unmask to show his true identity, as well as 
make him speak without the device on his neck. The perfect choice to 
win the tournament if the WWF wants the Rock to win it at the 
December PPV.
Why Kane won't win? 
He's played the role of the deranged dentist and he failed at it. He 
then played the role of the fake Diesel and he failed again. He's 
held the most important title in the wrestling industry for a day. 
He's an average wrestler. Give him a break, you say? This mediocre 
guy has been given a gimmick, found himself in the main event five 
PPV's in a row and you say give him a break. Kane has to fall 
on his hands and knees and accept whatever he's given, because there 
are others ten times more talented who never get this opportunity. 
As for the publicity that would be generated by Kane winning, then 
unmasking and speaking. Well, the WWF can make him unmask and speak 
without giving him the industry's biggest prize for a second time.
††††††† Prediction: Double DQ with the Undertaker. If Kane should 
beat his brother, he would then lose to Shamrock or Rock. Either 
way, no semifinal berth for Kane.
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† THE OTHERS
††††††† As for the others in the tournament, there's not much to say.
Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsely is entered only to give the tourney 
more brand-name appeal, given that he is still recovering from knee 
surgery. Al Snow and Jeff Jarrett are a pair of jobbers fighting 
over who will lose to Mankind in the round of 8.Goldust is entered 
for god knows why. As for Xpac and Steven Regal, the winner will 
lose to Austin immediately after. 
††††††† ††††††††††††† MANKINDS MYSTERY OPPONENT
††††††† The only question remaining is: who will Mankind's mystery 
opponent be? There are three options to choose from: Shawn Michaels, 
Terry Funk and Mick Foley himself. Now lets discuss each possibility.
Shawn Michaels: If Shawn Michaels was going to make his comeback at 
the Survivor Series, the WWF would have promoted it to the hilt in 
order to maximize their profit potential as well as increase 
their chances of winning the ratings war with WCW. Odds: 50 to 1
Terry Funk: Mankind/Foley have had unbelievable matches in the past, 
and this might be yet one more.However, Funk isn't exactly a brand 
name anymore, and maybe that's why WWF hasn't exactly promoted the 
fact that Mankind doesn't have a first round scheduled. Odds: 25 to 1
Dude Love/Cactus Jack: Remember the Royal Rumble from this past 
January. You know, Foley starts the Rumble as Cactus Jack, gets 
eliminated, comes back in the middle of the Rumble as Mankind, gets 
eliminated again, then comes back at the end as the Dude, gets 
eliminated.I don't think it could be done, but if anyone can 
find a way, it's the WWF. Odds: 75 to 1
††††††† Prediction: Mankind meets Terry Funk, beats Terry Funk. 
Mankind is taken out on a stretcher, is brought to a nearby hospital.
When his 2nd round match with Al Snow is about to start (or against 
Jeff Jarrett, it really doesn't matter), there is no Mankind, since 
he's in the hospital. However, Dude Love's music begins and the 
crowd goes nuts. Dude Love beats his opponent before losing to 
Austin in the semi's.
††††††† There you have it Raging in Dragonland. My thoughts on who 
will win the Survivor Series tournament this Sunday.
††††††† We have space for one more question on this weeks "ASK THE 
Dear Legend, 
†††My name is Kim Nethersole and I'm the captain of the Bluedogs. 
I've been having problems with my slapshot lately. I used to shoot 
hard but now I can release no better than a small wrist shot. What's 
wrong, and can you help me?
††††††††††††††† Signed/ Kaptain in kompletekonfusion.
††††††† Dear Kaptain in komplete konfusion, 
There are 2 reasons for your struggles and here they are: 
you're getting old and your shot was never that good to begin with.
What are you, 40 already. Your best days are behind you, you're 
overrated and you can't hit the net even if you prayed every night 
for a year.Don't take it personally though, kaptain in komplete 
konfusion , because I'm sure that you have friends what will lie to 
you and tell you that you still have what it takes. I mean, what are 
friends for.