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October 19 1998
Due to the growing popularity of the CASC Ball Hockey League, recent
merchandise sales have soared. The NBA remains the only professional 
sports league who's monthly merchandise sales exceed those of 
the CASC . In only it's third year of existence, the CASC has already 
surpassed  Major League Baseball, the NFL, the CFL, Formula 1 Racing,
the WWF, WCW, the PGA,  LPGA and the NHL in monthly merchandise sales. 
   The CASC's success lies in its wide selection of off-the-wall items. 
"We've done our homework and realized that today's consumer wants 
something a little more than your traditional cap and T-Shirt. Yes,
items like those still see well, but our selection of off-the-wall 
items has been the secret to our success" said Marketing Director 
Paula Dery.
    Here's a list of the CASC's 10 best selling items. All items can 
be purchased at the CASC souvenir shop, located at 4350 Ste-Catherine
Street West in Westmount, Québec.
1 -                I'M A STARIC FANATIC T-SHIRT.
Made by Nike, this superior quality, 100% cotton T-Shirt is the 
league's best selling item. This T-Shirt is available 
in XL, L, M and S. 
   Fans have been flocking to Blizzard home games in their brand new
state of the art Ice Storm Palace all wearing Bob's bright
orange T-Shirt. Blizzard fans have gone totally "Staric Seasick".
Price: $19.95
2-                    ALLAN RAMDEEN'S 
                  "I believe I can fly" 
This poster captures Allan in mid-air doing his famous Quadruple 
Toe Loop Dive, while singing R.Kelly's hit single from the
Space Jam soundtrack. Allan has the well earned reputation 
of being the CASC stunt man.  
Referee Eric Boghen is also captured in the backround of the poster, 
not raising his arm.  
Poster Specifications:   44" x 48"  
Price: $10.95
With this limited edition magic set you too can perform all of 
Martin's 175 mystifying feats. Discover the Heat's forward favorite 
pastime. Baffle your friends with real tricks. 
    The set includes a magic wand, magic tricks and easy-to-follow  
instructions. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
    With the purchase of Martin's magic set, you also receive 
absolutely free a bonus trick in which you can make an entire hockey 
team suddenly disappear from a gymnasium after a blowout loss.
Price: $34.95
4 -                   FRASER BAIRD'S new book.
               "Forget the Coolest Game on Earth, 
                it's the Most Legal game on Earth"
This is official CASC Bible to your legal rights as an active 
participant of the league.
 What are your legal rights and options? From slashing to 
interference, from pushing and shoving to fighting, from arguing a 
call to appealing a decision in front of the league president, this 
book covers it all. Fraser will teach you how to not get suspended, 
even when guilty of 3 fighting majors, 4 high sticking majors
and a gross misconduct penalty, all in one game
   With this book, you'll never have a player or referee get the 
better of you ever again. That's Fraser's personal NO MONEY back
Price: $89.95
The most complete and easy to use color palette software program 
available on the market. This palette contains 30 colors for Windows 
platforms. The palette will provide good color mix for the creation 
of icon images, while it will still allow the user to allocate 226
colors for web page design.
The Blizzard have effectively used this color palette to confuse
opposing teams, since none of them wear the same god damn sweater!
Due to popular demand, John Wong has released his new line of 
colorful ultra tight fitting spandex shorts. 
Be on top of the Ball Hockey fashion wear industry by purchasing 
John's stretch-fit shorts with elastic waist, inside drawcord, 
inside key pocket and built in mop for easy sliding.
Sizes: S(29-31) * M(32-34) * L(35-37) * XL(38-40) 
Colors: fluorescent green
        bright pink
        canary yellow 
Price: $24.99
                    PUBS AND STRIP JOINTS.
Were you absent for Chris's famous World Tour? Probably, because 
Chris is a hard man to keep up with when it comes to bar hopping. 
   During his World Tour, Chris drank an estimated 500 Large Molson
Export's, 385 Pitchers of House Draft, 245 Boddington's and 187 of 
his famous Sleeman Ale/Cream Ale mixes.
    This is Chris`s official commemorative World Tour T-Shirt. Each 
shirt is made of 100% Beefy Hanes cotton, with a picture of Chris 
playing the classical guitar, and wearing his black leather jacket. 
    The back of the T-shirt features the dates and the names of the 
different bars, pubs and strip joints.
Price: $14.99
                             Back of T-Shirt
                                OH MAMMA!
                        CHRIS NADEAU`S WORLD TOUR `97
             January 1st - Chez Paul, Pierrefonds, Québec
         February 2nd - Mezzaluna Café, Los Angeles, California
           March 5th - Quo Vadis, Wildwood, New Jersey
             March 18th - La Cave du Sexe, Laval, Québec
                April 10th - La Pigalle, Paris, France
              May 1st - L'Entre Nous, Val Bélair, Québec
                 May 16th - The Harem, Montreal, Québec
                June 20th - Le Lovers, Brossard, Québec
              July 1st - Ye Old Pub, Montreal, Québec
              July 8th - Cleopatras, Montréal, Québec
            August 15th - Champion Show Girls, Laval, Québec
           September 21st - Rymark (R.I.P), Montréal, Québec
           October 4th - Disco Rouge, Rouyn Noranda, Québec
     November 12th - Eathquake Annies, Chilliwack, British Columbia 
  December 12th - Salon de coiffure érotique Chez Manon, Ste-Rose, PQ       
          December 24th - Zipper Club, St-Hyacinthe, Québec
Jack never leaves home without it. His agenda features a 12 column 
lower line and upper line display, a telephone mode, schedule mode 
and a calculator mode.
   This has been an indispensable tool for the Four Aces captain. At 
the press of a few buttons, Jack can easily store and verify exactly 
how many of his players aren't going to show up for his team's games.
   With the calculator mode, Jack can make quick additions of his
outstanding balance to the league president for team entry fees.
Let's look into Jack's agenda
Week 1 - Absent :"don't forget Jack, you can't make it to your game"
                 John Wong
                 Jean-Pierre Donat
                 You owe Theo $1400
Week 2 - Absent: Sean Marcellin
                 Sean Ellis
                 John Wong
                 You owe Theo $1395.50
Week 3 - Absent: Jimmy Garoufalis
                 Sean Marcellin
                 Jean-Pierre Donat
                 Yannick Medou
                 You owe Theo $1392.23
Week 4 - Absent: Sean Ellis
                 Jean-Pierre Donat
                 Vito Racanelli
                 You owe Theo $1392.02
Price: $24.95
Be the hit of your next backyard barbecue with Kim Nethersole's 
Talking Bluedog Beer Mug. Just press the button and the Bluedog 
says the familiar "Wake up Kim, you`re in a daze". Holds 16 oz. of 
ice cold beer. Requires 3 AAA batteries. (included)
Price: $11.95
  With the Sean Ellis Velcro hockey stick, you too can play just like 
the Four Aces forward. Lower your assist totals by 95% with Sean's 
special stick.
   This stick eliminates needless passing to teammates by having the 
ball never leave your stick blade. You'll never have to pass the 
ball ever again. 
   When ready to shoot on net, just press the release button on the 
stick shaft and your shot will miss the net.  It's Sean's personal 
Price: $34.95