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September 5 1999
A few days before Mike Callaghanís June 19 BBQ at his Chateaugay home,
 CASC president Theo Michael was asked to come but declined the invitation:
"I donít want to be there when the arguing breaks out" said Theo. He wasnít
the only one to share this concern. The possible breakup of the Bluedogs 
has been the worst kept secret in this off season and was an issue that 
was simmering in league circles even before the CASC 1998-99 regular
season ended. 
Some of the Bluedog players still hadnít forgotten the infamous "Iím not 
pulling the goalie incident" by captain Kim Nethersole (see note). It was 
also no secret that Kim wasnít getting along with some of his teammates 
on the ball hockey floor. Nevertheless, the whole team, minus Lino 
Digenova, made it to the BBQ. Non-Bluedog invitees were C.N. 
and myself
Early on in the evening, M.M., who already had 3 Bloody Caesarís 
before arriving at Callaghanís, helped settle the atmosphere with a trophy 
presentation for the 1999 CASC champion Bluedogs. Smurf arrived late to 
the party. He was supposed to come to the BBQ with Brian Crompton, who 
canceled on him as his lift; so M.M. was stuck having to dish out $30 of 
cab fare to get to Chateaugay. Billy Ponting didnít feel lime coming to 
the BBQ but changed his mind when Smurf told him that heíd handle the cab 
fare. The cab pulls up and here comes a spiffy M.M. holding 3 
crumpled paper bags filled with 47 trophies and a bottle of contraband 
whisky from Kanawake. 
There was 3 trophies for each player. The extra 11 trophies went to Regent 
Proulx (6) and for Keith Myers (5), for various regular season and playoff 
individual achievements. A short clapping followed every trophy 
presentation; it was a nice moment. But for the rival Renegades, C.N. and 
myself, had to endure the success of the Bluedogs for one more time. 
Thatís okay. Weíll get them this season
No war of words yet
Well it turns out that there was no arguing for the entire of the evening. 
Itís too bad because I had my sights set on a good old fashioned spat. Oh 
well. I guess I just stick to watching the others pass out
Nighty night C.N. proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that heís the #1 power 
drinker in the league, easily downing a case of 12 and several whisky 
shots while showing no slurring effects. Incredible. He did pass out in my 
car on the way home. Who wouldnít after drinking all that? But he wasnít 
the only one to pass outÖ
Easy on the booze, 
I had never seen the quiet (#4 of the Crusaders G.P.) so tipsy before; it was still 
very early in the evening (we were still cooking) when #4 had 
difficulties going down a flight of 3 steps to go take a leak. 
"He is out of control" said C.N.
Later on in the evening, #4 G.P. passed out on the couch. Enter Darren "the 
manicurist" Roberts who hid behind the couch and calmly applied pink 
fingernail polish to Him. He woke up a few minutes later, astounded, but 
not upset by any means. In fact, he liked his new look so much that he 
showed up to work on Monday morning dressed in drag.
Even lawyers can conk out
F.B. proved to us that it is possible for a lawyer to kick back, 
relax and have a good time (ha-ha! How dare you misspell my last name in 
the interview). I donít think that F.B. ODíd on the alcohol but 
he still managed to pass out at the peak of the party when the decibel 
level in the basement was at its highest; 5-6 people were watching the 
endless Sabres/Stars game on loud and an entire softball team was 
gathering around the pool table drinking and yapping away.
Itís beyond me how someone can fall asleep amid so much noise; it was 
funny to see Mikeís 6 year old son sticking cigarettes and other various 
objects in F.B.ís mouth; and he still didnít wake up. F.B. is a sound 
sleeper to say the least
What goes around comes around, Mr T.R.
T.R. couldnít control his laughter when Mikeís son was pulling those 
antics on F.B. and he got an even bigger laugh when #4 G.P. got cosmetic 
treatment of his nails. But when our Italian Stallion passed out and woke 
up a little later with pink fingernails of his own, he wasnít laughing 
anymore. Donít take it so hard T.B.
#55 M.M. smashed silly
C.N. and I left the party around 12:30am. I couldnít help but notice 
that the pool table was covered in a sea of beer bottles. As we shook 
#55 M.M. hand, we noticed that he could hardly stand up, feeling the
effects of excess sauce. C.N. couldnít stop saying all night long that 
M.M. was "out of control". He was totally gassed. 
Shortly after we left, it was M.M.ís time to pass out. And you though 
that applying nail polish was bad. Men are notorious pranksters but it 
was a woman that took the first prize on this evening. 
With M.M. sound asleep, Mike Callaghanís wife Kelly shaved his fairly 
heavy beard with an electric shaver. The sound of the shaver didnít wake 
M.M. up, believe it or not. She then applied shaving cream and removed the 
excess stubble with a hand shaver. It was a clean, close shave. M.M. must 
of have been out for a solid hour but woke up just in time for the Stanley 
Cup presentation. An electric shaver couldnít wake him up but the Stanley 
Cup presentation did; hockey really is in M.M.ís blood. He woke up, 
sober, stoked his face and blew his stack.
He proceeded by shoving Kim Nethersole and Allan Ramdeen, who had nothing 
to do with the incident. They were outside just chilliní the whole night. 
M.M. was then told that it was Kelly that shaved off his beard. He slept 
the night at Callaghanís and got a ride home the next morning. But M.M. 
was still upset.
I did not see M.M. until Tuesday night at Concordia. I thought that he 
looked pretty good without the beard and I complemented him on his new 
look (I didnít know about the beard shaving incident at that time). He 
fired back at me, obviously still upset over the beard shaving incident. 
"You can play jokes with people but you donít mess around with someoneís 
appearance. Iím always the laughing stock of everybody and the butt end of 
jokes. Iím upset. And look at Billy. When came to the BBQ together and he 
left without me. I even had to pay for his cab cause he had no money. 
Crompton was supposed to give me a lift but he also canceled out on me"
Iím already looking forward to next yearís BBQ. Just make sure you shave 
that morning
Note: January 19 1999. Bluedogs lose 9-7 to the Four Aces. Down by one 
goal late in the game, Bluedogs captain Kim Nethersole decides not to pull 
his goalie.

Note from Regent Proulx : Somes names have been change for initials, upon request.