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June 24 1999
In the second part of our interview series, Mike Murphy of the 
Bluedogs goes under the CASC microscope. At age 43, Murph is the 
CASCís senior member, although you couldnít tell by his style of 
play. "Smurf" is still in tiptop shape and remains one of the 
quicker players in the CASC. Have you ever seen Mike let up during 
a game? I don't think so. Murphís tireless work ethic is an example 
to us all; his heart, guts and determination has set the standard 
for all players coming up the CASC ranks. Mikeís goal scoring 
ability is based on superior stick skills and anticipation.
Mike has played 2 full CASC seasons and already has 2 championship 
rings to his name. Heís 40th on the CASC all time scoring list with 
23 goals and 23 assists in 35 games. Off the ice, Mike is one of the 
most popular players in the league and is an Inverness pub mainstay.
PI: "How long have you been playing competitive Ball Hockey?"
Mike: "I played for 5 years from 1965 to 1970. We played with a 
spongy rubber ball back then. I played for a couple of weeks in 
1980, but for all intensive purposes I went 21 years without playing 
ball hockey until I started playing full time again in 1991
PI: "How many Ball Hockey league have you played in?"
Mike: "I have played in 7 or 8 Ball Hockey leagues"
PI: "How did you find out about the CASC Ball Hockey league?"
Mike: "I found out through Allan Ramdeen. Allan found out through 
Kim Nethersole and Kim found out through Sean Marcellin"
PI: "What league did you play in before the CASC?"
Mike: "The International Ball Hockey League (IBHL) in Pointe 
Ste-Charles. The IBHL is a spinoff of the the Verdun Ball Hockey 
PI: "How many active CASC players played in the IBHL?"
Mike: "Billy Ponting, Allan Ramdeen, Kim Nethersole, Brian Crompton, 
Theo Michael (1 game in nets), Mike Callaghan, Sean Marcellin, 
Mark Beaudry, Darren Roberts, Keith Myers and Tony Ricci"
PI: "Which league is higher caliber: the IBHL or the CASC ?"
Mike: "The CASC is more competitive and more balanced"
PI: "Have you ever played ice hockey"
Mike: "Yes I have but not since 1970. I played Broom Ball in 1986; 
I was the leading scorer of the Longueil Broom Ball league. I played 
there with Billy Ponting"
PI: "Why did you quit ice hockey in 1970?"
Mike: "I moved up to Rawdon at the wrong time of my life. I was 
there from 1970 to 1975. I did not practice any sports from 1970 to 
1983. Broom ball started me off again in 1986"
PI: "Do you do anything special to prepare for your ball hockey 
Mike: "I like to eat pasta for super. Any pasta is good. I prefer a 
spicy sauce"
PI: "Do you prefer the Concordia Ball Hockey League or the CASC 
Mike: "Itís a different game but I prefer Theoís. I feel that I 
could dominate more on a small surface"
PI: "What has been your greatest moment in the CASC?"
Mike: "Our first championship against the Renegades. My sidekick 
Fraser and I both scored in the final game"
PI: "Do you have a disappointing moment in the CASC?"
Mike: "No"
PI: "Is there a CASC player that gives you the fits?"
Mike: "I have to get geared up when I play against Sean Marcellin 
and yourself"
PI: "Do you prefer playing at Westmount High School or William 
Hingston High School?"
Mike: "I like the width at Hingston but the nets are too small. 
I prefer Westmount because of accessibility"
PI: "Would you prefer playing the 1999-2000 CASC season at William 
Hingston if I told you that itís half price as compared to the 
Westmount gym?"
Mike: "Most guys on my team say that itís too far to travel to 
William Hingston. I stick to what the team prefers"
PI: "What are your favorite game starting times in order?"
Mike: "8pm, - 9pm - 7pm"
PI: "Would you be willing to play less regular season games in order 
to make the playoffs longer?"
Mike: "Iíd love to see the CASC Final to be a 2 out of 3"
PI: "Is there anything about the Westmount gym that you donít like?"
Mike: "The walls should be darker"
PI: "The inner team Bluedog frictions have been well documented. Do 
you think that the team will split for the 1999-2000 season?"
Mike: "It's a 50-50 chance at this point"
PI: "I consider you to be in very good shape for your age. How do 
you react when you see a guy half your age hustle half as much as 
you do?"
Mike: "If I could do it then why shouldnít they? I play with heart. 
You have to learn how to lose to know how to win"
PI: "Tell us about your fitness level"
Mike: "I feel pretty good for 44. IĎve lived in Lasalle for the past 
20 years and I used to walk from Lasalle to Verdun (5 km) four times 
a day. Iíve walked from the Royal Victoria Hospital to Verdun in 1 
hour. Iíve walked from the corner of Mountain street and Wellington 
to ville Lasalle. I donít like waiting for buses. Walking is a 
better calorie burning exercise than jogging. As a hockey player 
feel that I donít getrespect for what I do by some players, but 
Darren appreciates my talent"
PI: "Do you do anything else to stay in shape?"
Mike: "I do sit ups and push ups. I donít watch what I eat. I eat 
like a horse. I only started drinking at 25"
PI: "Do you smoke?"
Mike: "No"
PI: "Have you ever tried drugs?"
Mike: "Iíve dabbled a bit with drugs but I found out that itís not 
PI: "How many liters of beer do you drink per week?"
Mike: "Itís hard to say because I can drink a case of 24 in one 
night and then go 2 or 3 weeks without drinking. I guess it averages 
out to about a case of 12 per week"
PI: "Fill us in on your birth day and birthplace"
Mike: "I was born on July 1st 1955 on Prince street in Griffintown 
(born at home). I was 2 months premature and weighed only 3.5 pounds 
at birth. I could fit in my dadís pocket. Iím not even supposed to 
be alive. I found out at 42 (1997) that I was adopted. My adoptive
parents kept that secret from me for my whole life. I also found out 
that I may have a twin brother that I donít know about. I heard that 
he may be living in Verdun. I was robbed in 1991 and 1992, I lost my 
job in 1993 and I found out that I had cancer in 1996.The 90ís has
been a very depressing decade for me"
PI: "Where do you work?"
Mike: "Bishop Mercier Construction"
PI: "How many countries have you visited?"
Mike: "Just the United States. Iíve been to Michigan, Pennsylvania, 
New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine"
PI: "How many Canadian provinces have you visited?"
Mike: "Just Ontario"
PI: "Do you think that Quebec will ever separate?"
Mike: "No. Anybody associated with the FLQ should have no political 
ties with the Parti Quťbťcois. They should be in jail. Iím sorry 
that Iím not bilingual but Iím a Quebecois Anglais just like a 
Quebecois Francais. We have 2 visions of what the province should
be "
PI: "Whatís your prized possession?"
Mike: "My Paul Henderson lithograph of him scoring the winning goal 
in 1972"
Some of Mikeís favorites:
Current TV show: Ally McBeal, Star Trek
All time TV show: MASH
Last good movie he saw: Thereís something about Mary
Favorite all time movies: French Connection, Papillon, Coming Home
Favorite food: pork fried rice
Favorite beverage: Canada Dry ginger ale
Mikeís philosophy on eating
"If you worry about food that you canít have then what are you doing 
living and breathing"
Mikeís approach every new year
"I try to be hard on myself and obtain my goals"
Favorite sports team: Montreal Canadiens
Favorite solo artist: Bob Seger
Favorite bands in order: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Band, Blue 
Rodeo, Pink Floyd
Favorite fast food restaurant: Wendyís
Favorite albums in order: White album, Abby Road, Dark side of the 
moon, Night moves, Tapestry
Favorite active athlete: Steve Yzerman
Favorite all time athlete: Jean Beliveau
Favorite active politician: Canadian finance minister Paul Martin
Favorite all time politician: Pierre Trudeau
Mike Murphyís CASC career totals:
Year††††† †††GP††† G††† A††† PTS†† PPG†††† PM
1997-98††††† 15††† 10†† 10†† 20†† 1.30††† 20††† 
1998-99††††† 20††† 13†† 13†† 26†† 1.30†††† 7.5
Career†††††† 35††† 23†† 23†† 46†† 1.31††† 27.5
Year†††††††††††† GP††† G††† A†† PTS††† PPG†††† PM
1999 playoffs†††† 2††† 2††† 0††† 2††† 1.00††† 0.0
1998 playoffs†††† 3††† 1††† 2††† 3††† 1.00††† 2.5