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March 21 2000
The CASC league will be holding itís first ever playoffs series in the Pointe
Ste-Charles gym, following a very successful regular season that was played 
straight through without any cancellations. People who played in the league 
last year will recall the many cancellations that we had to endure. To put 
things in perspective, the 1999 playoffs began on April 29, following a 20 game 
regular season (3 games less than this season). To commemorate these first ever
Pointe playoffs, we have asked Yvon, the school watchman, for his playoff 
Back in September, Yvon had little interest in the CASC league and usually 
stayed in his office for the entire evening. But Yvon has attended more and 
more CASC league games as the season has progressed. He likes to stand on the 
scorekeeperís bench so he can get a better view of things. Yvon likes the CASC 
league and knows many of its players. He was kind enough to give us his 
playoff predictions. 
Inverness Pub Renegades (19-4) vs Dragons (1-22)
The Inverness Pub Renegades capped off a brilliant regular season with a season
high 9 consecutive wins, including a 4-2 victory over the Red Phoenix in the 
last game of the season, which was the fasted end to end game that I have ever 
played in the CASC league. That was some wicked hockey. The Renegades finished 
in first place for the 3rd time in 4 years and set a league record for most 
wins in one season with 19. Although last yearís Bluedogs finished with a 
higher winning percentage (17-2-1), this new edition of the CASC league is much more 
competitive than last yearís. Only 2 players who finished in last years top 10 
in scoring managed to crack the top 10 once again this season. In total, there 
are only 5 CASC veterans that finished in the top 10 in scoring. Three of these
5 players are Renegades (Sean, Ian, Paul). Keith Myers and Frank Wolfe round 
out this short list. The leagueís talent chart has improved by leaps and bounds.
There are 5 rookies in the top 10 in scoring (Ba-Thuan Nguyen, Chris Couture,
Howie Myers, Hung Nguyen and George Antypas) and another 4 rookies (David 
Lefebvre, Van Thi Nguyen, Fernando Collaza and Danh Hguyen) from slots 10 to 20.
The Dragons will try to salvage the regular season with an inspired performance
against the Renegades. Antoine Nguyen will fill in for Ronan in nets. Theo has 
reportedly torn all of his carpets at home while practising his clipping, which
is a defensive technique that Sean can't stand.
Yvon predicts the outcome of the game
Inverness Pub Renegades by 7.5 goals over the Dragons
Red Phoenix (17-6) vs Lebeau Glassbreakers (4-19)
Okay, okay, I made a big mistake in my pre season predictions. There are only 2
teams that screwed me up and Red Phoenix is one of them. I had penciled in the 
Red Phoenix for the 7th place, by supporting the traditional theory that an 
expansion team struggles in its first year. I was dead wrong and I apologize. 
I had no idea they were going to be that good. Although I wasnít a big Red 
Phoenix mark early on in the season, I know have a tremendous amount of respect
for these guys, who finished in second place with a 17-6 record. Ba-Thuan and 
Chaarly, who are the only 2 Red Phoenix players I have had an opportunity to 
talk to, are both very classy individuals. Red Phoenix took the league by 
storm and showed all old CASC franchises where the power lies. While the other 
top teams like to blast balls from the point, the Red Phoenix are seldom seem 
shooting those long ones and prefer scoring their goals from in close. Hey, it 
works! They are arguably the quickest team in the league. Phoenix are a well 
organized, well prepared and intelligent hockey team. I classify their players 
as ball hockey fanatics, which is always a good thing.
When I watch Lebeau, I canít help but notice Michel Loiselle, who is one of 
the best standup ball hockey goalies that I have ever seen. This guy is a rock 
in nets. Lebeau will need a big contribution from the French connection if 
they hope to win. 
Yvon predicts the outcome of the game
Red Phoenix by 6.5 goals
4Aces (16-7) vs Bluedogs (9-12-2)
The game of night to be sure. Itís hygrade theory time. The Bluedogs probably 
wanted to avoid the 4Aces and the 4Aces probably wanted to avoid the Bluedogs. 
Itís only fitting that these teams battle each other in the first round of the 
playoffs. The 4Aces are a very solid team who have only dropped 2 games since 
the new year. While they couldnít beat the top teams in the first half of the 
season, they can now defeat any team on any given night. Have you ever noticed 
that the 4Aces have no weak players? They are led the CAA, a trio of ultra 
talented rookies, (Collaza, Acheson, Antypas) who have accounted for 44% of 
their goals. Ragesh, Joe and Philippe are also very dangerous. Jimmy wants 
attention but I prefer not writing about prima donnaís. I can understand why 
this team has only lost 2 games since Xmas. A trip to the finals is a very 
distinct possibility for the 4Aces.
The 2 time defending champion Bluedogs have a very tall order. I can't see 
that high. If they plan on 3peating, they will first have to defeat the 4Aces. 
As if that wasnít enough, they will have to follow that up with a semi final 
victory over the Blizzard, Renegades or Demolition, followed by yet another 
victory over the Red Phoenix (speculative pick) in the finals. Will this mark 
the end of the Bluedogs championship run? Keith, Darren, Murphy and Callaghan 
arenít there this time around. Can you read in between the lines? If the 
Bluedogs hope to defeat the 4Aces, they will need a perfect game from Kim and 
Rťgent, their 2 best players. Itís also of utmost importance that Mauro shows 
up. Sinon je ne donne pas cher pour la peau des Bluedogs.
Yvon predicts the outcome of the game
4Aces by 3.5 goals
Blizzard (14-7-2) vs Demolition (10-13)
This game is difficult to predict because of the enigmatic Blizzard, who never 
play with the same lineup week after week. Make no mistake; with a full team, 
the Blizzard are a championship caliber team. It wasnít too long ago that the 
Blizzard were in first place when their lineup was at its most regular. But in 
the second half of the season, suspensions and absenteeism have hurt the 
Blizzard who have lost 3 consecutive games heading into the playoffs. Frankly, 
I donít know what to expect from this puzzling team. What we do know is that 
Frank Wolfe will not be playing in the playoffs. Will Chris Couture find it in 
himself to come down to support his team?
Demolition finished a somewhat underachieving regular season with yet another
victory over the Bluedogs. I had predicted Demolition to finish in second place
and I wasnít the only one to expect big things from Callaghanís posse. 
Demolition coasted against teams with a record below .500 (10-1) but could not 
manage a single victory against teams with a record above .500 (0-12). They 
have a golden opportunity to reverse this trend in the first game of the 
playoffs. But Darrenís absence will hurt. This should be a great game. 
Yvon predicts the outcome of the game
Demolition by 3.5 goals