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July 5 1999
Part III of our interview series features yet another member of the 
Bluedogs. Allan Ramdeen kindly accepted to answer a few questions at the 
Inverness pub on Tuesday June 29th. Allan and I have had our differences 
in the past on the ball hockey floor where I have accused him of being a 
dirty player and a master of the flop. The Bluedogs/Renegades rivalry can 
get very intense at times and emotions run high. Itís all part of the game.
But off the "ice" Allan and I have never been at odds. Heís a laid back 
and goodhearted fellow with a positive attitude on life. 
Allan has played 3 full CASC seasons. He broke into the league as a member 
of The Sixth and has played the last 2 seasons as a member of the 2peat 
champion Bluedogs. Allan is 9th on the CASCís all time scoring list with 
117 points in 44 games and is gunning for a 3rd consecutive 20+ goal 
Q: "How long have you been playing competitive Ball Hockey?"
Allan: "Iíve been playing Ball Hockey for the past 15 years"
Q: "How many Ball Hockey league have you played in?"
Allan: "I have played in 8 Ball Hockey leagues"
Q: "How did you find out about the CASC Ball Hockey league?"
Allan: "I found out through Kim Nethersole"
Q: "What league did you play in before the CASC?"
Allan: "I played in the Pointe St-Charles league. I played on the 
championship team with Kim, Mike Callaghan and Billy Ponting"
Q: "Which league is higher caliber: the IBHL or the CASC ?"
Allan: "The CASC is a more disciplined league"
Q: "Have you ever played ice hockey"
Allan: "Yes. I played on 3 championship teams in NDG leagues. I havenít 
played since I blew out my knee in 1985"
Q: "Do you do anything special to prepare for your ball hockey games?"
Allan: "My mental preparation consists of meditating and listening to West 
Indian music. For physical preparation I like to stretch. I only do this 
kind of physical and mental preparation for important games only"
Q: "Do you prefer the Concordia Ball Hockey League or the CASC league?"
Allan: "I prefer CASC because itís a cleaner league a friendlier league. 
We all know each other. The CASC league is also better organized"
Q: "What has been your greatest moment in the CASC?"
Allan: "Our first championship in the 1998 playoffs"
Q: "Do you have a disappointing moment in the CASC?"
Allan: "2 of them. 1 - Being kicked out of the first game of the 1998 
playoffs due to Theoís bad call. 2 - Thereís no such thing as a 4 on 1 
situation, This happened versus the Heat in the 1998 playoffs. Theo called 
3 penalties on us. I was alone out there"
Q: "Is there a CASC player that you donít like playing against?"
Allan: "I donít like playing against John Wong because he always slides to 
my knees"
Q: "Some people, including myself, have accused you of being a dirty 
player. How do you respond to this statement?"
Allan: "All I have to say is what goes around comes around"
Q: "Do you prefer playing at Westmount High School or William Hingston 
High School?"
Allan: "Westmount High is a more comfortable gym"
Q: "Would you prefer playing the 1999-2000 CASC season at William Hingston 
if I told you that itís half price as compared to the Westmount gym?"
Allan: "No. Price isnít an issue for me"
Q: "What are your favorite game starting times in order?"
Allan: "8pm, - 9pm - 7pm"
Q: "Would you be willing to play less regular season games in order to 
make the playoffs longer?"
Allan: "No. It doesnít matter"
Q: "Is there anything about the Westmount gym that you donít like?"
Allan: "The monkey bars for one and I also donít like it when the ball 
rolls under the players bench"
Q: "Who is your best friend in the CASC league?"
Allan: "Kim Nethersole"
Q: "Do you think that the Bluedogs will split for the 1999-2000 season?"
Allan: "I hope not"
Q: "Do you do anything else to stay in shape other than playing ball hockey?"
Allan: "I still do a little bit of Kung Fu by myself. I used to be much 
more involved in Kung Fu but I quit serious training in 1995. I have a 
black belt in karate. I was in lots of competitions. I stopped in 1985 
because of my knee. I could have went far in boxing but I stopped in 1980.
Q: "Do you meditate?"
Allan: "I try to meditate 3 times a week but itís very hard for me at the 
present time"
Q: "How many countries have you visited ?"
Allan: "I was born in Trinidad. Other than that, Iíve only been to the 
United States (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine and 
New Hampshire). Iím thinking of going back to Trinidad in 2 years. 
Thereís too much stress over here and I donít like Quebec politics" 
Q: "How many Canadian provinces have you visited?"
Allan: "Just Ontario"
Q: "What are your favorite pastimes?"
Allan: "Enjoying a good basketball game is first on my list, then 
training, then talking to women and dating them. Iím not a player, I just 
like to fu.. a lot. I meet most women through friends, family and 
acquaintances. Itís all in the rap"
More on Allan:
Born: October 14 1966 in Trinidad
Moved up to Canada with his parents and his brother in 1976. Everybody 
still lives here
Height: 5"8
Weight: 160
High School: Marymount
Favorite TV show: Seinfeld
Favorite food: West Indian cooking. Roti in particular
Favorite beverage: scotch whisky
Favorite sports team: Chicago Bulls
Favorite athlete all-time: Michael Jordan
Favorite athlete current: Tim Duncan
Favorite bands: Public Enemy, LL Cool J, 2 Pac, Dr Dre
Favorite fast food restaurant: McDonaldís (favorite item; Double Quarter 
Pounder with cheese)
Favorite album: Thriller
Favorite politician: Bill Clinton
Favorite bar: Crazy Horse in the Cote des Neiges district (does not exist 
Allan Ramdeenís career CASC totals 
†††††††††††††††††††††††GP†††† G†††† A††† PTS††† PPG††††† PM
1996-97†† Sixth†††††††† 7†††† 8††† 13††† 21†††† 3.0††††† 7.5
1997-98†† Bluedogs†††† 18††† 27††† 24††† 47†††† 2.6†††† 60
1998-99†† Bluedogs†††† 19††† 23††† 26††† 49†††† 2.6†††† 35
Career†††††††††††††††† 44††† 58††† 59†† 117†††† 2.7††† 102.5