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May 14 1999
The first of several blockbuster summer interviews. We begin in grand fashion
with the greatest player in CASC history. Through 3 seasons in the CASC league,
Sean Marcellin has won 1 league championship, 2 scoring titles, 2 best offensive
player awards and 1 league MVP award.
After playing 2 seasons with the 4Aces, Sean has found his niche with the 
Inverness Pub Renegades, playing alongside his good friend "the Disciple", to 
form one of the best offensive duos in the league. The Renegades are 32-5-5 
(.821 w%) since the Seanster came aboard the Renegades in the summer of 1999. 
Sean was a major force in the Concordia Ball Hockey League playoffs, propelling 
the Gades to a 2-0 series sweep in the league final over the My-T-Fines, who 
had won the championship for 5 consecutive seasons.
Sean played brilliantly in the 1999-2000 CASC season, especially after the 
Xmas break. The Renegades have won 12 consecutive games going into the 
2000/2001 CASC season. Sean finished second in scoring in the 1999/2000 regular
season and first in the all important playoffs.
Sean is a great player and a great team leader, who knows what it takes to 
win. Sean analyzes ball hockey like nobody else can. This future CASC hall of 
famer is one of the most renowned, outspoken, yet respected individuals in the 
The interview was conducted in November 1999 at the Inverness Pub
Born: July 17 1966 (33) at Wellesey Hospital in Toronto
Siblings: Christian Marcellin (30)
High School: John Oliver (Vancouver). Sean calls it the ultimate high school
James Lynn (St-Henri, Mtl). Sean calls it a terrible high school
Favorite all-time athlete: Bobby Orr
Favorite active athlete: Dan Marino
Favorite team: Miami Dolphins
Favorite TV show: Fraser
Favorite all-time TV show: Homicide life on the streets
Favorite food: indian food, spicy food
Favorite alcoholic beverage: bloody ceasar
Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: soya milk
Favorite music: rocky blues
Favorite groups: roxy music, smiths, U2
Favorite season: the fall because of the weather, the colors in the trees and 
itís also the best dressing season
How many seasons have you been playing in the CASC league?
This is my 3rd year. I played in 96-97, 98-99 and this season
Why did you miss the second season (97-98)?
I thought that I was suspended for the whole year 
Have you ever played ice hockey?
Yes, from 8 to 18
Do you prefer the CASC league or the Concordia league? 
I prefer CASC because of the comradeship. You can tell what kind of player you 
are in CASC more so than at Concordia. I also like the fact that CASC is on 
Friday nights but it was more fun at Westmount
What are your best moments in ball hockey?
The 1999 Concordia playoffs when we beat the Reservoir Dogs in the first round 
and we swept the My-T-Fines in the final
Why were you so stoned faced at the bar the night that we won the Concordia 
I was worn out and I was just happy to see you guys happy
Who is the best team in the 1999-2000 CASC season? 
We are
What made you decide to play for the Renegades? 
The fact that we won the Concordia championship, because you wrote something 
and because we go to the bar after the game 
How do you feel about the balance in the CASC league? 
It could be better but itís very competitive with the 4 strong teams
What is your #1 skill as a hockey player?
Knowing where the net is and doing anything to score
Who are your best friends in the league?
Chris, Peter and yourself
Are you single?
Yes. I am a single father
How old is your son?
Julian will be 4 months old on Tuesday. He was born on July 23rd 1999. Thatís 
why I wear #23.
What do you like to do on the first date?
I like to go for a walk and just talk. I bring my dog, of course. I love the 
outside. For the first date, itís better being outside than at a restaurant 
Do you have a pet?
Yes. My dog Brando (part German shepherd, part Labrador). He was born on June 
24th 1997. 
Describe the relationship with your dog
My dog is by far my best friend. I am with him more than anyone else. We like 
to go jogging together
What are your short term plans?
To spend as much time as possible with my child. To get in good shape. To see
 more movies and see more plays.
What are your main qualities?

Full of love and sensitivity