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May 17 1999
Number 10
Salim Karmali and Rafik Patel: Big Game Players.
Before the tournament, prognosticators thought that both Salim and Rafik 
were the weak links on an otherwise steady and perhaps dangerous 
Asia/Greco-Roman squad. Those analysts now have to bite their tongues. 
Salim scored three goals and three assists in four games, including the 
World Cup winning goal plus an assist in the final, and an assist in the 
final. Rafik played a strong defensive game,never got caught out of 
position, blocked countless shots. Kudos to two underrated players.
Number 9
Jimmy Garoufalis got his sock back
 In early April, Jimmy lent his goalie equipment to CASC Organizer Theo 
Michael, so that the womens team could have a fully equipped goalie when 
they played the McGill Women's Champions. Mr. Michael brought everything 
back except the sock on Jimmy's goalie stick. Jimmy thought nothing of the 
missing foot apparel, until, that is, he started to struggle, in which 
case Jimmy did what he always does when faced with a setback, a challenge: 
he blamed someone else.
"It was Theo's fault. He lost my sock. How can one play at a high level 
without a sock. And not just any sock", Jimmy was overheard saying. Noone
much payed attention, and those did, were laughing so hard when Jimmy 
mentioned himself and playing at a "high level" in the same sentence, that 
they couldn't concentrate on anything else. On Wednesday morning, Theo 
Michael passed by Jimmy's place to drop off the missing footwear. Later, 
on Wednesday evening, Jimmy's team won two playoff games to win the 
tournament. Coincidence. I think not. 
Number 8
Joe Lazzara played a defensive game.
Yes, you read correctly. Joe Lazzara, who for years had to be shown where 
the defensive zone was, and who always had trouble recognizing his own 
goalie, concentrated on defense in the two playoff victories. This shocked 
his teammates, and prompted them to play better defense, because as Simon
Kabenian was overheard saying, "if Joe can do it, then we better do it as 
well, or else we will never live it down".
Number 7
Ragesh Patel promised Rafik Patel a championship last September.
"If you stick with me Raf, I promise we will win the title". Ragesh was 
referring to the CASC title, but seeing as how the Dragons, for whom both 
Ragesh and Rafik play for, lost in the first round two weeks ago, this 
tournament victory would have to do. As Ragesh was heard saying to anyone 
who cared to listen, "I always deliver on my promises".
Number 6
Simon Kabenian wore Jimmy Garoufalis's #22 Typhoon jersey
replete with the GAROUFALIS on the back. Simon Kabenian credited his 
masterful defensive performance to the jersey. "Wearing Jimmy's jersey was 
an honor. I felt very emotional knowing that I was putting on a jersey 
which had given Jimmy so much success. (0-8-1 record with a 6.53 G.A.A. 
in Dollard C Division 1994: Records then, records now) The name GAROUFALIS 
in the back gave me the extra confidence and inspiration I needed". Simon 
actually was able to say all these things with a straight face, making one 
wonder how good an actor Simon is.
Number 5
Kamlesh Patel blowing up during a timeout in the semi-final versus the 
Canadiens Francais/Americas
 Kam was noticeably upset, when, with about ten minutes left against the 
French, and holding a 3-1 lead, a member of the Asia/Greco-Roman team 
decided to pull a temper tantrum. This forced Kam to call a timeout, where 
he proceeded to tell everyone what he thought of the team's attitude. The 
looks on his teammates faces said it all. If the usually calm and serene 
and composed Kamlesh can get this irate, then we better pull our weight.
Number 4
John Wong promised that if his team won, he would wear more respectable 
sportswear during games
Fat chance. The shorts John wears, ridiculous looking as they are, are 
important in his team;'s overall strategy. The opposition laughs so hard 
at the sight of John's skinny legs and outrageous outfits, that they cannot
concentrate at their normal level.
Number 3
John Wong scored a goal
You read correctly. No, this is not a joke. Your eyesight is fine.. In 
Asia/Greco-Roman's first round match against Continental Europe, John Wong 
came in from the point, saw a loose ball, and took his version of a 
slapshot. (i.e. 10 mile an hour if even) The ball went through goalie 
Leonard Luedee's legs hit the back of the net and came back out. Play 
continued as if nothing happened. John Wong figured that the shot did not 
go in, since, well since he never scores. His teammates chased at the 
rebound, when a whistle blew. Regent Proulx had blown the play dead 
because a goal was scored. There was hardly a celebration. John took the 
shot. There was no deflection. Could it be?, asked his teammates.
"This is destiny" cried out Salim Karmali. Paul Iacurto said that John 
Wong scoring happens as often as one sees Halley's Comet, only not as 
often. (Leonard Luedee confided later that giving up a goal to John Wong 
was the lowlight of the tournament, nay, his entire career. "I did not 
mind losing the heartbreaking semifinal in penalty shots. But when JW 
scored, I hung my head in shame. Never again".
Number 2
Paul Iacurto felt like writing an article
on how his team won the championship, so he decided that the best way to 
write would be through experience. So he went out and won a championship. 
"Look, whenever I feel like doing something, I do it. When I woke up this 
morning, I wanted to write something special. Like how I won a championship.
The only thing missing from my plan was the actual championship. So I went 
out and won one. Not by myself, obviously, but I did do most of the work. 
Please do not quote me on that". Of course not, Paul, just like you would 
never call me Red Light Garoufalis.
Number 1
Angelo D'Agostino's line changes
. In the World Cup Final, Angelo never even saw his team take a 1-0 lead, 
or a 2-0 lead. Why? Because when both goals were being scored Angelo was 
running off on a line change. Before Angelo could turn around, bang, 
Ragesh Patel scored to make it 1-0. Later in the 1st period, as Angelo 
was making another line change, Salim scored on a rebound to make it 2-0. 
All the while, Angelo was sitting bemused and amused. "I hope this does 
not end up on my epitaph: Angelo D'Agostino, he helped his team the most 
by getting off the floor".