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Evil Inc.
by Jimmy Garoufalis
January 6 2000
                                   Not knowing what to write
                                  I sit at my desk and think
                                   An idea will sound right
                                  But the words just won't link
                                   I've come up with a thought
                                      So write it I will try
                                     Before it comes to naught
                                      Before the ink runs dry
                                      Thursday, what a night
                                     Am I up for the task?
                                     Isn't it a strange sight?
                                    Me reffing the women of CASC
                                     Readers, I promise to be true
                                        And that I will do now
                                       This will be a who's who
                                    With the names that space allows
                                      Many of you are wondering
                                          Is this just a ruse?
                                    Am I plundering and blundering?
                                       Am I trying to confuse?
                                       The answer is no, never
                                      That never crossed my mind
                                          How can I ever
                                        Go into anything blind?
                                       What you're gonna read
                                         Is a story condensed
                                          A story of greed
                                        A story with no sense
                                      Today it is the Black Team
                                   With my feelings they like to fiddle
                                       Though to me they seem
                                   To be an enigma wrapped in a riddle
                                    Vengeful Vangie, queen of quiet
                                      Demure Demitra, equals riot
                                   Pristine Christine, she who screams
                                     So Blue Sue, Mrs. Daydream
                                         No, that is too mean
                                         It'll get me in trouble
                                     And I cannot afford to be seen
                                      As being close to the bubble
                                       Games won, matches lost
                                      Egos grown, tempers tossed
                                      Success, forever in season
                                      For failure, always a reason
                                      What of Christine Landry?
                                      She puts me in a quandary
                                         Do I dare be nice?
                                        Or honest and concise
                                     Nacos, Pristine Christine now
                                     The franchise player, and how
                                       Scouring left, darting right
                                       Artistry deft, out of sight
                                     "You're right, it's all about me
                                     My talent is there for all to see
                                       I don't care about the rest
                                      It is I, Nakos who is best" 
                                       "What, are you kidding?
                                      I'm the best, I 'm the game
                                       And after I do the bidding
                                     You'll all remember my name"
                                     Thus spake Demitra Demure
                                     What she meant I am not sure
                                        But one thing is certain
                                     For her they'll raise the curtain
                                       "You're both out to lunch
                                        You're both out to sea
                                      You see, I've got this hunch
                                       That the best is me. Me"
                                    "Me, me", Vengeful Vangie spoke
                                     Inflaming tempers even more
                                    She's got power, she's got stroke
                                     Vangie is confident to the core
                                         I stare at the ceiling
                                         Linking lines to dots
                                       I have this strange feeling
                                       There is someone I forgot
                                        I've mentioned them all
                                       Or at least, most, I think
                                       Save for a lady not so tall
                                    With a name that makes me blink
                                      How do you say that name?
                                       She didn't want to tell me
                                    Pronouncing was never the same
                                    When she said "A-Ari-Arianthi"
                                     "I have a nice name, don't I?"
                                     Arianthi said with a grin so sly
                                    "But for something you don't see
                                   You always call a penalty on me?"
                                      "My team isn't really so bad
                                      Though we do act that way
                                     I, Arianthi, won't make you sad
                                    But I do have something to say"
                                          "Give us a break
                                          And try to be nice
                                        Know what's at stake
                                        When we roll the dice"
                                      "You've forgotten about Sue
                                       Nellie and Desiree as well
                                      And what is Catherine to do
                                     With your writing gone to hell"
                                    "And please remember one thing
                                       Our scores we will settle
                                      So bring your guts to the ring
                                   Because we love to test your mettle"
                                     That's the story of Team Black
                                     Readers won't like it is my bet
                                    So if you want to go on the attack