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September 11 1999
Interview with Paula Déry
After four interviews with macho neanderthal players from the CASC men's
division, we shift our focus to the CASC women's division. We begin in 
grand fashion with Paula Déry, the president’s wife, who will be playing 
in her rookie season as a member of the white team, that will hopefully be 
renamed the "Sin City Sisters". Paula, who's been practicing ball hockey 
in the driveway with her son Maxime, will base her game on precision 
passing and a deadly accurate shot. Paula is a lock for a 20 goal season
Paula: "Are you sure that you want this interview to be mostly about me?"
Paul: "Yes"
Paula: "I'm not all that interesting for a bunch of guys to read about."
Paul: "Oh come on! I got interviewed by Fraser and my daily life redefines 
boring. I don't go out that much, I spend my evenings working on this web 
page, compiling useless statistics, watching wrestling and playing 
Playstation games with my friend Jason. I live the life of a 10 year old."
Q: Which team will you be playing for in the Women’s Division?
I think I'm on the white team
Q: Is this your first try at ball hockey?
Yes, not counting playing with Maxime in our driveway
Q: You we’re once not interested in playing ball hockey. What made you 
change your mind? 
I had originally said that I’d rather have my eyes poked 
out with a stick than play hockey, but then after seeing a lot of my 
friends having a great time playing, I decided that I had better try it 
Q: Have you been practicing for the upcoming season?
Not really, just water skiing..
Paul’s add on: you had to be at Peter Knapp’s cottage to understand this
Q: Will you be playing with the competitive spirit or just to have fun?
Just for fun
Q: Who is the best player in the women’s division? 
I hear Cynthia is really good (Just sucking up to my captain)
Q: What other sports do you play/have you played?
I'm more of an individual sport person, Alpine skiing, swimming, I used to 
play basketball and handball.
Q: Who are your good friends in the women’s division?
Valerie Frost, Suzanne Solomon, Rachel Hawes, Joyce Turner ...
Q: Which one of these girls that you listed above have you known the 
Valerie Frost, I've known her since I was a kid, our fathers have been 
friends since high school.
Q: Are any of your friends (not just in ball hockey) still single?
Paul’s add on: Tell them that I’m available
Q: How old were you when you met Theo?
Q: How did you meet?
Theo came to a party at my place and was in the process of breaking up 
with his girlfriend (I actually don't remember him being there). I like to 
think that the real 1st time we met was at a dinner party at his cousin 
Christina's (my friend) place. That was also the 1st time that I met 
Q: Did you have a boyfriend at that time?
No, just dating here and there, nothing serious.
Q: How many steady boyfriends did you have before Theo?
Many, they just didn't last very long.
Q: For what reason did your last relationship end?
I honestly can't remember
Q: Did Theo have a girlfriend when you met?
Oh yeah, technically they had broken up but they were still living 
Q: Did you like Theo right off the bat?
Definitely, I thought he was a babe. (He still is)
Q: Who asked who out for the first date?
He did. He called me and I was so happy, my roommate thought I was nuts.
Q: Where did you go on your first date?
La Nausée (An alternative bar now known as the Loft)
Q: Did you kiss on the first date? 
Actually before the first date, We thought we'd get it out of the way.
Q: Is Theo a slow mover with women? 
Yep, he doesn't realize it when he 's being flirted with.
Q: What’s it like to be married to a ball hockey fanatic?
Interesting, he keeps me busy faxing and e-mailing him stuff at work, 
looking up players phone numbers and of course translating rules, lots of 
that. He spends most evenings sitting at the computer talking on the 
phone, all ball hockey related.
Q: Does Theo leave the toilet seat up and do you care?
No, Yes
Q: Does Theo let go of some stinkers and pretend that it wasn’t him who 
He used to try to pin it on the baby, but we are WAY beyond that now.
Q: Theo tells me that you go out once a week with the girls. What do you 
usually do?
Go out for dinner or see a movie, or both.
Q: Is there a particular subject that women like to talk about when they 
get together?
Contrary to what Theo may think, we do not usually discuss ball hockey
Q: When the CASC players get together at the Inverness Pub after the game, 
did you know that they act like a bunch of loud mouthed, beer swilling, 
burping, farting pigs? 
Probably, I hear that Susan the waitress gets everyone going.
Paul’s add on: Susan is nothing but a big "agace pissette"
Q: Do women enjoy getting loaded as much as men do?
Probably. I know I don't anymore, but then again I know that I have to get 
up really early with the kids whether I have a hangover or not.
Q: Do you realize that your oldest son will be asking you for the car keys 
in 11 years?
aaaack !!!!
Q: Were you working full time before you had kids?
Q: Are you working on a part-time basis at the present time?
I have a full time NON PAYING job as a stay at home mother as well as a 
part time paying job, also at home. (You walked into that one) An ideal 
situation, I'm very lucky.
Q: Do you plan on re-entering the work force on a full time basis?
Theo wants me to go back full time so he can retire. That way he could 
spend more time on Ball hockey
Q: Will you be sending your kids to French or English school?
Q: What are your ambitions?
To be independently wealthy and travel...
Q: What neighborhood did you grow up in?
Q: Are you more French or English?
I used to be more french but now I'm about 50 - 50, Theo anglosized me.
Q: What does your sister do?
She organizes activities for groups of people that are in Montreal for 
work related training, they stay at the St-Jean Military College, so there 
isn't much to do in the evenings and on weekends. She also moonlights as a 
stand up comic.
More on Paula Déry
15 October 1966
How many brothers/sisters:
1 younger sister, Lisa
Where do you live:
Ville Saint-Laurent
Married since:
11 September 1993
High School:
Villa Maria (French side) 
Cégep de Saint-Laurent
1 semester Concordia, 1 semester HEC, Uqam (Certificat en administration)
The last good movie I saw was:
Favorite all time movies:
Really liked Titanic, Pulp fiction
Favorite food: 
Favorite non alcoholic beverage
Favorite alcoholic beverage
None at the moment, having been pregnant recently my alcohol tolerance is 
pretty low, so I'm sticking to 1 or 2 beers. 
Favorite fast-food restaurant: 
McDonalds, Dagwoods
Favorite style of music 
Rock and Roll
Favorite musical artists:
G. Love, Stones, Sugar Ray 
Favorite politician(s):
Bernard Landry, he can put his foot in his mouth like no other.
Favorite TV show:
ER, NYPD Blue, Oz
Favorite all time TV shows: 
Homicide Life on the street
If I could change one thing about myself:
I'd like to be thinner, who doesn't.
What I can’t stand:
House music, it's like fingernails on a blackboard
I voted …… in the 1995 referendum
View on Quebec separation:
Don't understand it, live for the future not in the past.
View on Canada as a whole 
I Like it.
How many Canadian provinces have you visited:
4, Québec, Ontario, Alberta, BC 
How many countries have you visited:
7, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico (twice), Jamaica, Greece 
(3 times), England
Pick 3 words that would best describe yourself:
Friends say I'm easy-going