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By Paula Déry
March 25 2000
As we near the end of the 2nd year of the women’s division, let’s take a moment
to get to know the men of the women’s division. 
** The Officials **
Jimmy Garoufalis:  The Referee
Jimmy has been head ref for the women’s division since the beginning of the 
season.  He has missed very few games and has relished the opportunity to hone 
his ref skills.  Jimmy ever so apologetic, whether warranted or not, loves to 
call penalties and apologize afterwards.  In his other life, Jimmy is a goalie,
but likes to play up when competing against the women Allstars.   His 
controversial recaps leave some players scratching their heads, wondering if 
they were actually at the same game that was being recapped.  Well ladies, you 
heard it here first:  It’s ficticious!!  Or at least the dialogue is…  You 
know the drill, ‘Based on a true story…’     
Kamlesh Patel: assistant ref/time keeper
As last year’s Head Referee, Kam has had his stint as a women’s division 
official cut short by the demands of his profession.  Kam always has a level 
head and is smiling, but don’t be fooled:  He doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  
Kam assists our games when he can, hopefully we’ll see him a little more often 
during the playoffs.
Peter Knapp: assistant ref/time keeper/sometimes goalie
Peter, very able and liked assistant ref/timekeeper is especially known for 
telling the women to keep their sticks down.  He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, 
who lets everyone know they should wear protective equipment instead of 
complain about incidental contact.  "OK Peter, gloves and shin guards…" Also a 
very good back up goalie, Peter is very vocal to his players to help them 
position themselves for maximum defensive effect.
** The Goalies **
Régent Proulx
Régent is the underdog’s goalie.  As 3 time winner of Goalie of the Year in 
the men’s division, any team getting Régent in nets definitely has at least a 
little advantage against the opposing team.  He’s been known to play injured 
"but that’s (his) business".  His love of ballhockey makes this his 4th night 
of the week playing his beloved game!  Very quiet as a rule, he’s been known 
to give some pep talks to his team and of lifting morale.  He definitely steps 
it up a notch against certain teams in certain circumstances.  As the men’s 
division  "recapper", he has proven himself as objective and honest.  Perhaps 
he should try it out in the women’s division?  Just joking…
Paul Iacurto
Paul just started his career as a goalie this season, he is actually quite an 
accomplished forward in the men’s division (top 5 point getters).  Another 
ballhockey fanatic, this makes his 5th night that he plays per week.  His 
energetic play in nets frustrates opponents as he sends the ball flying across 
the gym, thus making the women run all over the place.  He’s been known to 
call timeouts for his team sometimes taking team strategy into his own hands 
(perhaps you should let the team in on that one Paul…).  As CASC webmaster, 
his controversial recaps leave no one in doubt who his favorite team is, Paul 
wants to be a winner and supports only winning teams. 
Theodore Michael:  CASC President
Due to family obligations, Theo has been unable to attend many of the women’s 
games but definitely gets an earful of the events of the evening.  He insists 
on being provided with recaps from each official not to mention a few select 
players.  He is rumored to have purchased a Fido phone for his wife (who plays 
in the league) in order to get immediate info on the games.  Always one step 
ahead of everyone, he has the utmost confidence in his officials (especially 
the women’s league manager Carine Contreras) to deal with the happenings in 
the women’s division.   Theo also likes to deal with a certain Nun in charge, 
after a misunderstanding with the school was resolved with the help of a 
nameless Buddies player.