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recaps women's division play
WEEK 18 - Thursday March 9 2000
Black was playing without the services of 2 members of the fab 5 for the second
consecutive game. The game started with Vangie serving a double minor penalty 
for having a very busy life (inside joke). Black was called for another penalty 
(high sticking) only seconds after the opening faceoff. The Buddies had a 2 
woman advantage but Black staved off this disastrous situation with some stellar 
penalty killing. The 3 members of the fab 5 made their mark as soon as 4 on 4 
play resumed. Christina Nacos was right on the mark with a high wrist shot to 
the glove side, that gave Black a 1-0 lead. The Black mark told Christina that 
she should get a better stick in time for the playoffs. "The Principal" left 
her mark on the score sheet by scoring a goal for the 4th consecutive game. 
She has already moved into the top 10 in league scoring in only her 11h game 
of the season. It was 2-0 Black early in the second period. The Buddies had 
several good spurts in the second period. It paid off with Carine’s league
leading 28th goal of the season. Sandy Louis returned after missing a couple 
of games. She’s a definitive asset to the Buddies. Lyne Boivin was also very 
impressive in her CASC debut. 
Vangie Platon deserves high marks for scoring yet another timely goal that 
gave Black a 2 goal lead and a 3-1 victory. Black is riding high with an 8 game
unbeaten streak. Their last defeat goes all the way back to December 2nd 1999. 
by Jimmy Garoufalis
"Awe inspiring", said Catherine Doyle.
"Quite impressive", said Nathalie Cohen.
"She didn't even need cue cards", added Maureen Forrester.
"She may have had to check a thesaurus beforehand to make sure of the words", 
added Michele Laforest. "But the sentences flowed nicely, so she probably knew 
what she was talking about". "Probably not", countered Daphne Nadler. "It was 
great, but it was an accident. She didn't mean it to be that good." "It was no 
accident. Unintentional perhaps, but it was no accident", said Jennifer Jones 
Joyce Turner's pre-game speech was still drawing reviews hours after the 
Backdraft-Mavericks game had ended 7-1 in favor of the Big Red Machine.
"She's my sister, so normally I would compliment her just to be polite. But 
this was different. The speech was rehearsed from start to finish, but parts 
of it may have been ad-libbed", Sheila Turner said. "If you could believe
For Backdraft, it was hockey pool night. Jennifer Jones Patulli had 4 goals and an assist. Sheila Turner had 2 goals
and 2 assists. Michele Laforest and Nathalie Cohen each had 3 assists. The 
reigning "Player of the Week" Maureen Forrester had a goal and an assist. 
For the Mavericks, it was a night to forget. Down 2-0 in the 1st period, Celyne
Blouin scored on a nice backhand from the slot, off a nice feed from Sandra 
Dewling. At that juncture, the game was looking like a potential classic.
But the Red Machine was inspired. Every player seemed to play with a sense of 
confidence that, in recent weeks, was not in evidence. 
"The last few games, until last week, we were giving our opponents too many 
scoring chances", Maureen Forrester was heard saying. "Essentially, we were 
feeding the hand that was biting us. Hey, that was a pretty good line".
On this evening, scoring chances were few for the Mavericks. It seemed that 
the loose balls in the neutral zone landed on Backdraft sticks, which completely
shut down the Blouin-Potvin combination. Sandra Dewling "The Sun" crashed the 
net in the 3rd period, but came away empty handed on the rebounds she got her 
stick on.
The reason behind the Red Machine's convincing victory was simple. It wasn't 
the 7 goals they scored, though it helped. The key was a defense that didn't 
make mistakes, a defense that cleared rebounds, intercepted passes and kept the
ball in at the point throughout the game. A nice illustration would be one 
shift during the 1st period. With the game scoreless, Maureen Forrester and 
Michele Laforest were able to control the flow by first, dumping the ball 
cleanly when the Mavericks were on the attack. Then, when J.J. Patulli lost 
possession on the ensuing rush, Maureen used her feet to control the ball at 
the point, but instead of just playing it safe, she patiently looked around for
an open teammate. Seconds later, Michele was able to feed double J in the slot,
and Jennifer scored to break the ice. The following shift saw Joyce Turner and 
Daphne Nadler accomplish similar results, and Geraldine Mickie joined the 
quintet on their successful venture. The control, determination and patience 
of the defensive unit was the key to the game. And the speech. "I guarantee 
you that I will never, ever give another speech again", said Joyce Turner. 
"Except if I have to".
WEEK 17 - Thursday March 2 2000
by Jimmy Garoufalis
After consecutive defeats, both by convincing margins (7-2 and 6-1), questions 
as to how Backdraft would react against the Buddies were quite prevalent 
throughout the league.
"We've lost games we should have won. We've struggled when we should have 
dominated. That is about to change. Brace yourself for the Backdraft." So said 
Backdraft captain Joyce Turner, before the opening faceoff. "We will succeed 
because it is meant to be", Joyce continued.
It was said. It was done. Backdraft beat the Buddies 2-0, with persistent 
defense, opportunistic goal scoring matched with equal portions of tenacity 
and determination. The entire game featured the Backdraft defensive crew's 
ability to shut down Buddy Debbie Stevenson from getting open in front of the 
net, making it extremely difficult for Debbie to capitalize on the nifty passes 
of 'Waltzin' Mathilde Ribiero and Wendy Churchill. Credit for the shutdown 
should go to the under-rated duo of Maureen Forrester and Michele Laforest, 
who made their triumphant returns to the lineup after a too-long absence. "They 
say every team needs momentum to play well, but I say that all we need is 
Maureen", said Backdraft forward Rachel Hawes after the game. "And as for 
Michele, when she was missing, we had trouble seeing the forest for the trees."
Despite the solid blueline play, however, Backdraft needed goals to win this 
game, and the first goal came from a familiar source. Jennifer Jones Patulli 
opened the scoring midway through the 2nd period, beating Paul on the blocker 
side on a mini breakaway. The play was set up nicely by Daphne Nadler, who 
intercepted an errant Carine Contreras pass, then quickly fed a streaking 
double J.
With a 1-0 lead heading into the third period, the Buddies were not worried. 
After all, this is a team that has given new meaning to the word "tie". The 
sense of urgency however, grew as the combination of Joyce Turner and Geraldine
Mickie joined the Laforest/Forrester duo in shutting down the Buddies top 
offensive stars for the evening, Debbie Stevenson and Mathilde Rebeiro. At 
forward, Sheila Turner and Catherine Doyle were able to control the play and 
keep the ball out of harms way, giving Regent an easier night than he might 
have expected.
With just under ninety seconds to play, the Buddies called a timeout, still 
trailing 1-0. As expected, they pulled the goalie, put the pressure on and 
crashed the net. However, a giveaway in the neutral zone while setting up for
one last chance gave Sheila Turner the opening she needed to ice the game with 
20 seconds left.
When asked what the difference was between scoring on an empty net and scoring 
on Paul, Sheila replied, "as far as I'm concerned, when I am shooting on Paul, 
I am shooting on an empty net".
Backdraft is eminently prepared for the stretch drive. Brace yourselves for 
the Backdraft indeed. 
Black were playing without the services of Demitria, Sue, Christine Landry and 
Deserie, who was recently acquired by the Pregos. The Black mark was slightly 
worried about their playing a full game with 5 players. In spite of having only 
1 sub, Black were swarming in the Mavericks zone throughout the game. Nellie 
"The Principal", Christina Nacos and Vangie took control of the Black attack 
while Arianthi and Cathy provided steady defense. Nellie scored a paid of goals;
she’s quickly moving up the point scoring list with 6 goals in the last 2 games.
Wow. For the Mavericks, the Nadine/Céyne line accounted for both goals. Sandra 
Dewling also played a solid game by fighting hard for the ball in the corners. 
Célyne’s late 3rd period goal brought the Mavs to within 1, but it wasn’t quite
enough as a tired Black team held the fort for a 3-2 victory. They are now 
unbeaten in 7 games.
WEEK 16 - Thursday February 24 2000
Week after week, a different player from the Black team always steps to the 
forefront. After Christina Nakos in week 12 and Vangie Platon in week 15, it 
was Nellie Principe’s turn to have a monster game. Nellie was unstoppable on 
this evening. She scored 4 goals, including a natural hat trick, and blasted 
(blasted, you read right) 16 shots on net, accounting for 39% of Black’s total.
Nellie can really shoot the ball. Christine Landry and Demitria Vlouhos rounded 
out the scoring for the Black team, who are now unbeaten in 5 games. Sue Stacko had
3 assists, Cathy Miseros displayed some impressive bursts of speed and Vangie 
Platon had many quality scoring opportunities. For Backdraft, Sheila Turner 
played a relentless game and Jennifer-Jones Patulli scored on the second penalty
shot in women’s division history
6 goals on 41 shots on net (15% accuracy rating)
Shots per player (goals in parentheses): Nellie 16 (4), Christine 6 (1), 
Demitria 4 (1), Vangie 9, Cathy 2, Sue 2, Arianthi 2
2 goals on 21 shots on net (10% accuracy rating)
Shots per player (goals in parentheses): Jennifer 7 (1), Sheila 4 (1), 
Rachel 5, Nathalie 3, Joyce 2, Geraldine 0, Daphnee 0 
I was busy distributing waiver sheets before the game; Viviane (Monkland) and 
Vanara (Buddies) made their CASC debut. The Mavericks also added Christina 
Cichon to their roster after she was waived by the Pregos. The Mavs jumped out 
to a quick 3-0 first period lead. Nadine Potvin did most of the damage by 
scoring a pair of goals and assisting on the 3rd. Nadine is a very complete 
player; that makes back to back 2 goal games. The Buddies slowly chipped away 
at the Mavericks lead on the strength of Carine’s hat trick. It was 4-3 for 
the Mavericks with 1 minute remaining in the game when the Buddies called a 
time out to organize the troops for a last minute comeback. The Buddies pulled 
the goalie and brought out the heavy artillery, but they could not repeat the 
last second heroics of week 14 this time around. The Mavericks have now won 
2 consecutive games. The Buddies have lost only 1 game in their last 5 but are 
also winless.
Monkland Mavericks
4 goals on 25 shots on net (16% accuracy rating)
Shots per player (goals in parentheses): Nadine 5 (3), Sandra 2 (1), Célyne 13,
Christina.C 2, Suzanne 2, Viviane 1, Paula 0, Lina 0
3 goals on 34 shots on net (9% accuracy rating)
Shots per player (goals in parentheses): Carine 16 (3), Mylan 6, Matilde 5, 
Debbie 3, Sandy 3, Vanara 1, Valerie 0, Stacey 0, Wendy 0
WEEK 15 - Thursday February 10 2000
Okay Buddies, that's enough ties already! This game marked the return of Black 
team forward Demitria Vlouhos. The Buddies opened the scoring on their first 
shot on net on a high wrist shot by Carine Contreras and Sandy Louis followed 
up by picking up a loose ball in front of the net to give the Buddies a 2-0 
first period lead. I admire the Black team for never showing signs of panic 
when playing without the lead. They are aware of what they are capable of and 
just let the game slowly work to their advantage. Their superior passing game 
is the key to their success. Captain Vangie Platon scored both of their goals 
on some very accurate shooting. Vangie has scored more timely goals than any 
other player in the league. She's a big game, big moment player. 
Welcome to the Cynthia Desantis ball hockey clinic. Face off. Cynthia shoots, 
Cynthia scores. Face off again. Cyhthia shoots, Cynthia scores. Quite impressive. 
The Mavericks led 2-0, not even 5 minutes into the game and they just kept on 
piling up the goals. Cyhthia had a hat trick. Suzanne Solomon and Nadine Potvin
both scored a pair of goals. The Mavericks can score goals; it was their second
7 goal game of the season. Backdraft had some good spurts. The Turner sisters 
never stop hustling. Rachel Hawes scored her second in 2 games.
WEEK 14 - Thursday February 3 2000
The 2 week layoff seemed to have affected both teams as the game started
at a slow pace. Monkland opened the scoring in the first period when
Nadine Potvin picked up a rebound in the slot and slid the ball into an
open net.  The team to beat in the CASC women’s division did not play
their usual dominating brand of hockey, especially in the first 2 periods;
indeed the Black team did have the ball in the Monkland zone but were not
making those tic, tac, toe passes we are accustomed to seeing. But a
veteran, savvy and talented team like Black never despairs. Down by one
goal heading into the 3rd period, Black picked up the intensity. Vangie
Platon tied the game early in the 3rd and Christina Nacos scored the game
winner with about 4 minutes left to play. Black’s defense was outstanding
on this evening. Cathy Miseros played her best game of the season. Injured
forward Demitria Vlouhos came to encourage her teammates in a show of
Black solidarity. The Black mark played well enough in nets to hold off 
the Monkland offense.
Can the Buddies do anything else but tie games? That makes 3 in a row. The 
Buddies and Backdraft are 2 very evenly matched teams. Rachel Hawes opened 
the scoring for Backdraft on a hard shot that me by surprise. Jennifer
Jones-Patulli followed up with her 16th goal of the season to give
Backdraft a 2-0 lead heading into the 3rd period. This last period
belonged to the Buddies who peppered the goalie from all angles. It was
their best period of hockey of the season. Carine Contreras scored on a
nifty wrist shot and Debbie Stevenson tied the game with 1 second left to
play in the game, as she pounced on a loose ball in the goal mouth. It was
a fantastic finish. 
Backdraft is a team that likes to break out into the open floor and 
score on fast break opportunities. Jennifer is nothing but a headache 
for me!
WEEK 13 - Thursday January 20 2000
The Black team did not waste any time in taking control of the game with a 
flurry of shots on Régent. Christina Nakos opened the scoring in the first 
period with an accurate shot from in close. The Black team kept up the 
pressure only to see the Buddies tie the game on a nifty backhand shot by
Carine Contreras. The Buddies, who came into the game unbeaten in 4 games, 
played well but made too many mistakes in the defensive zone that gave the 
Black team many quality scoring opportunities. Nellie Principe of the 
Black team played her best game of the season with many hard shots on net 
The Mavericks, winless in their last 2 games, came out like gangbusters 
with 2 quick first period goals by Nadine Potvin, their super mid-season 
acquisition. Backdraft pcked up the intensity at the beginning of the 
second period and played their 2 best periods of hockey of the entire 
season. They scored 5 unanswered goals, including 4 by Jennifer-Jones 
Patulli, who was unstoppable on this evening. Backdraft also played a 
sound defensive game by not letting the Mavericks have their way in front
of the net and clearing the ball at the soonest possible moment. Backdraft 
are better than their record would indicate. Cynthia Desantis, the 
league's leading scorer, missed her second consecutive game for the 
WEEK 12 - Thursday January 13 2000
The Buddies took control of the game early with 2 first period goals. 
Carine Contreras was having her way with the Backdraft defense by 
showing us some nifty moves. She is now shooting  high on net which 
is something she was not doing earlier on in the season. In the second 
and third periods, Backdraft took advantage of the Buddies lack of 
defensive zone coverage to score 2 goals to tie the game. Sheila 
Turner's scored on an accurate shot in the top corner and Joyce Turner 
tied the game on a semi-breakaway with a wrist shot to the glove side. 
Jennifer-Jones Patulli arrived late and played the second game instead
Black played their best game of the season; 75% of the game was played 
in the Mavericks end. It was 5-0 before the Mavericks got on the 
scoreboard. Christina Nakos played a super game and scored a natural  
hat trick. Black also played suffocating defense by shutting down Celyne, 
Nadine and Jennifer from the front of the net. Black have 2 solid forward 
lines that never stop coming at you. It's on nights like these that you ask 
yourself  "who's gonna stop the Black team?".
WEEK 11 - Thursday December 9 1999
Peter took my place in nets for both games. Black avenged 2 consecutive 
1 goal losses, including a week 9 defeat to the Mavericks with 1 second 
left to play in the game, with one of their best games of the season. Black 
controlled the tempo of the game and outshot Backdraft at a 2 to 1 ratio,
 if not more. This game marked the emergence of Nellie Principe as a force 
to be reckoned with. The fab 5 has been created: Vangie, Demitria, Christina, 
Christine and Nellie.
Cynthia Desantis was usual self early on in the game by dictating the flow of
the game. Monkland was up 2-0 and looked to be on their way to another 
victory until the Buddies mounted a comeback, led by Carine Contreras 
and Nadine Potvin, who was playing her first game in the CASC women's 
division. They accounted for most of the Buddie goals. The Buddies were 
outshot in this game but made the most of their chances. Most of their goals
came on low shots that Peter had a bit of difficulty handling. This was the
Buddies 3rd 6 goal game of the season.
WEEK 7 - Thursday November 4 1999
The second matchup of the season between thse 2 teams was just as intense
as the first one. For the second consecutive game, Black jumped out to an early 
1-0 lead, only to see the Buddies tie the game midway through the second 
period, followed by another maker with only a few seconds left in the period. 
Sandy Louis scored both goals and deservedly won player of the week honors.
Black picked up the intensity in the 3rd period with 2 unanswered goals. 
Christine Landry scored on a  wrap around and   Vangie Platon scored the 
game winning goal with about 2 minutes remaining. It was her 12th goal of 
the season. She now trails Carine Contreras by 3 goals for the league lead.
Le deuxième affrontement de la soirée a marqué le retour au jeu de Cynthia 
Desantis après une absence de 3 parties. Cynthia et Célyne en ont fait voir 
de toutes les couleurs à l'équipe adverse, et elles se sont même amusées par 
moments. Le jeu de passe des Mavs en cette soirée était rapide et précis, 
semblable à la poussée d'un pion sur un damier. Cette partie marque également 
le premier but en carrière de Paula Déry qui a su bien soulever la balle avec 
un tir hors de la portée de Régent. Paula démontre une amélioration considérable 
de son jeu depuis depuis le début de la saison. Nous serons tous déçus si elle 
ne réussit pas un tour du chapeau la semaine prochaine.