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Disclaimer: the quotes in these recaps are fictitious and are meant to humor 
the reader
Glossary of terms:
Fab 5: Vangie Platon, Christina Nacos, Christine Landry, Demitria Vlouhos and 
Nellie Principal. 
The Controller: Matilde Rebeiro.
The Sun: Sandra Dewling. 
The Game: Vangie Platon. 
Prime Time: Sandy Lewis
FINAL - Thursday April 13 2000 
by Jimmy Garoufalis
Black versus the Mavericks.  Mavericks versus Black.  In any order, after 22 
well played weeks, the CASC Women's Championship came down to these 2 teams.
Black with the Fab 5 plus the overlooked trio of Stackos, Miseros and Kourakis.
Their task: double team, and if necessary, triple team Cynthia Desanctis, the 
prodigal 'Franchise', the dangerous scoring threat.  Not an easy assignment, 
especially since the energetic, untiring Cynth would be playing every minute
of the championship game. The Mavs task was just as difficult.  It would be up 
to Paula Dery, Lina Lavoie and Suzanne Solomon to prevent the fab 5 from 
getting quality scoring chances in front of the Mavericks net and it would be
up to 'The Sun' to assist the high scoring trio up front. The Mavericks and 
Black.  This had the potential to be a classic.
The intensity level was immeasurable.  The pace was unreal.  And this was just 
the 1st period.  Black did their best to shut down Cynth, throwing as many as 
three players her way in order to limit her movement.  The Mavs countered by 
having Paula Dery and Solomon clog up the middle of the Mavericks crease 
whenever Black gained possession.  The result: up tempo hockey with safe 
opportunities both ways.
Black opened the scoring early in the 2nd period with a strange goal.  The 
Black mark cleared the ball very high in the air.  'The Sun' Dewling tried to 
play the ball, but her stick was above her shoulder.  Result: delayed high 
sticking penalty.  In the meantime, Black had the ball while the Mavs were 
trying to stop the play by gaining control.  After about fifteen seconds and 
approximately five unsuccessful Mav 'touches', either off the stick or the 
body, Demitra Vlouhos took a shot that deflected off Christine Landry's foot, 
bounced high in the air, and over the outstretched body of goalie Proulx and 
the reaching stick of Paula Dery.  Black led 1-0.
But the Mavericks tied the game late in the 2nd period with an equally strange 
goal.  During a long possession inside the Black zone, Cynth found herself in 
the crease along with Black defender Miseros, and after a scramble in front, 
both were on the floor as was the Black mark.  In the meantime, Celyne and 
Nadine were keeping the ball near the Black net.  The goalie, in attempting to 
get back in position, took the net a foot off its usual 'moorings', all the 
while Cynth was still on the floor in the crease.  When the ball came near 
her, she got up, took a turn around wrist shot glove side, while the net was a 
foot off the 'moorings' and tied the game.
The elimination atmosphere began to take effect in the 3rd period.  The action 
was end-to-end, the intensity rivaled that of any men's game.  The teams held 
nothing back.  Playing conservative to reach a shootout overtime did not seem 
to be an option.  The Mavericks had the first crack at taking the lead, but 
failed to score during a power play courtesy of a Kourakis high sticking 
penalty with 8 minutes left.  Black saw a sustained rally fail when, in clutch 
fashion, Suzanne Solomon got her body in front of a stinging Principe shot 
from the slot, a shot that would have gone in otherwise.
With three minutes to play, Black scored to take the lead.  Christine Nakos 
took a breakout pass from Vangie Platon, broke in alone, took a shot, was 
stopped by a sprawling Proulx, banged away at the loose ball until it was in 
the crease, then tapped it into the net.  Black led 2-1.  Timeout Mavericks 
with just under 3 minutes to play.
The Mavericks selected their 4 players that would attempt to tie the game: 
'Franchise', Celyne, Nadine and Paula Dery.  When the goalie came off for the 
extra attacker with a minute to play, Suzanne Solomon would join the action.
Play resumed in a hectic fashion.  Black trying to preserve their lead, 
Mavericks doing whatever it takes to get the equalizer.  The rest of the game 
was a blur. Noise. Shouts. Mavericks attack, Black clears.  Cynth with the 
ball, force her to the outside, double team, triple team, what it takes just 
do it.  Celyne with a screen shot.  Misses. Barely.  Vangie tries to clear.  
Doesn't.  Potvin with the ball. Black over her.  No room to move.  More 
shouting.  Noise.  Black with the ball.  Paula last person back, makes the 
stop.  Nice pass to Cynthia.  'Franchise' with the ball, again taken to the 
outside.  No place to go.  Stop her get in front do anything whatever it 
takes.  Black with the ball.  Noise.  Buzzer.  Shouts.  Game over.
Black wins 2-1 in exciting edge-of-seat atmosphere.  Excellent game.
SEMI FINALS - Thursday April 6 2000 
by Jimmy Garoufalis
Black advanced to the final by defeating Backdraft 3-1 in a much closer game 
than the score indicated.
Backdraft, underdogs heading into the semifinal, made some structural chanes to
their lineup. Without an ailing Nathalie Cohen, Maureen Forrester moved to 
forward, while Catherine Doyle and Joyce Turner changed to defense. Black went 
with their usual lineup: Miseros on defense with Kourakis and Stackos with the 
Fab 5 up front.
Black was kept off the scoreboard for what seemed like an eternity. The Red 
Machine achieved their early success through perseverance, intelligent decision
making, and sound attempts at maximizing on their opportunities, which were 
less frequent than those of Black. Major credit for keeping the match scoreless
for Backdraft should go to Y2J Patulli and Sheila Turner, who applied pressure 
on in Red's offensive forays, and Michele Laforest, who ambidexterously 
cleared the zone.
However, with only seconds to play in the 1st period, Vangie "The Game" Platon 
took a cross-floor pass from Nellie Principe and roofed the ball up high on 
Régent, giving Black the lead and a huge boost in momentum heading into the 
2nd period.
Black added to their lead with 2 more goals in the 2nd. The Game scored her 
2nd goal with assists by Christina Nakos and Misneros, while Nakos scored off 
passes by Sue Stackos and Platon. Being down 3-0 forced Backdraft to gamble 
heavily in the neutral zone, but alas for Red, Black held the territorial 
advantage, allowing Black to get more scoring opportunities. Backdraft broke 
the shutout with less than 3 minutes to play in the 3rd period when, from the 
point, Catherine Doyle smartly fed Rachel at the side of the net, who in turn 
found captain Joyce Turner in the slot for a nice tic-tac-toe-one-timer. It 
was surprisingly, the first point for rookie CASCer Doyle. With so little time 
remaining, Black effectively ended the game with good defense, and despite Red 
trying to cut the deficit, the game ended 3-1 in favor of the Fab 5 Squad. 
by Jimmy Garoufalis
The semifinal between the Mavericks and the Buddies was one for the ages. Hard 
fought and close throughout, the game was filled with great plays executed by 
great players on both sides.
While the Buddies fielded the same lineup that they used all season long, the 
Mavericks offense was bolstered by the long awaited returns of the prodigal 
Cynthia Desantis and the serendipitous Claire Everall, who both made up for 
the absence of captain Célyne Blouin. The strategies were simple. For the 
Buddies: contain Cynthia, don't let her run rampant. For the Mavericks: stop 
Carine Contreras from getting open and prevent The Controller from setting up 
The Buddies opened the scoring midway through the 1st period on a picture 
perfect play. The Controller found Carine at the side of the net, who then fed 
Mylan in the crease. Mylan tucked the ball under a sprawling Paul to give the 
Buddies a 1-0 lead.
The Mavericks quickly responded when Nadine Potvin found Cynthia all alone in 
front of Régent, and she picked the top corner in typical goal scorer fashion. 
And thus, with the score tied at 1, the Mavericks opted for an odd strategy: 
tired or not, Cynthia Desanctis would play the entire match. Just before the 
end of the 1st period, Nadine once again set up Cynthia to give the Mavs a
one goal advantage. With the momentum the Mavs had gained, with the re-awakened
fires burning within Cynthia and Nadine, it seemed inevitable that the game had
irreversibly swung the Maverick way.  
The 2nd period saw the Buddies continuously pressing for the equalizer, but to 
no avail. Wendy Churchill had opportunities, as did "Prime Time" Sandy Louis. 
In between scoring chances, Valerie Frost, Stacey Scott and Mylan did their 
best to shut down Desanctis, either by stepping in front of her shots, by 
putting two players in her passing lane or by simply moving her to the corner,
where any damage would be minimal. The Buddies, already trailing by one late 
in the 2nd, lost forward Debbie Stevenson to what appeared to be a severe knee 
injury. Not only did the scoreboard not favor a Buddy comeback, but losing a 
top goal scorer such as Debbie furthered the odds even more.
The Mavericks however, were not just a Cynthia Desanctis led team. In order to 
shut down Carine, defensewomen Suzanne Solomon and Paula Dery did their utmost 
to duplicate the Buddies efforts on Cynthia: don't let her get a shot off, fill the passing
lanes so nothing gets through. In the meantime, "The Sun" Sandra Dewling and 
the newly returned Claire Everall were putting the pressure in the Buddies 
zone, looking for the insurance goal that would ease the pressure and advance 
the Mavs to the final.
The Mavericks never did get the two goal lead. With just under five minutes 
left, the Buddies tied the game. The Controler gained control of a loose ball 
near center, moved in slowly to the top of the slot and scored on a wrist shot 
high on Paul's blocker side. The prevalent thought inside the gymnasium was 
whether penalty shots would be needed to decide the winner.
The next goal in regulation would decide the winner, or else the alternative 
solution would result: the dreaded sudden death penalty shootout. However, both
the Mavs and Buddies threw the usual careful approach taken in these situations
out the window. No safe plays with the season on the line. Matilde slid to 
stop a Cynthia rush, Sandy Louis let a shot go that barely missed hitting 
the inside corner. A give-and-go attempt by Nadine and Cynth failed because of 
Wendy Churchill getting her stick in the way.
With just over 2 minutes to play in the 3rd period, the Mavericks took the lead
once more. This time the roles were reversed. Nadine scored by taking a Cynthia
pass from the corner, and hitting the inside crossbar. The Buddies quickly 
called timeout to mount one final rally. 
The lineup: Carine and Matilde and Wendy and Sandy with Mylan replacing the 
goalie for the extra attacker. Unfortunately for the Buddies, Everall and 
Dewling cleared away their valiant final efforts. The final buzzer eventually 
sounded, after what must have felt like an eternity to the Mavericks. Mavericks
win 3-2, advance to the final to play Black.
A typical playoff game is determined by errors: the team that does not win 
fails to clear the loose ball, fails to make the necessary pass, fails to take 
quality shots when they are available. The Mavericks-Buddies game was not a 
typical game. The Mavericks scored one more goal. That's it. The Buddies pushed
all the right buttons: they didn't lose because of mistakes. There was quality
play from each player in both lineups. No errors. No mental lapses. One team 
scored more often by one. So, how can a game be described as atypical? When it 
is one for the ages. 
WEEK 21 - Thursday March 23 2000
by Jimmy Garoufalis
Please link to EvilInc by Jimmy Garoufalis for article entitled "Jennifer's
by Jimmy Garoufalis
In a playoff preview seven days early, the Buddies shut out the Potvin-less 
Mavericks 5-0. The game started on an even note, with both teams sharing 
scoring opportunities.
However, once Lynn Boivin broke the ice late in the 1st period with a wicked 
one timer from the slot courtesy of a perfect pass from Carine Contreras, the 
floodgates opened and never quite closed up to the Mavs satisfaction. Debbie 
Stevenson and Lynn Boivin each had 2 goals and an assist while Carine Contreras
added a goal and 2 assists. "The Controller" Matilde Ribiero had an assist, as 
did "Prime Time" Sandy Louis. It was hockey pool night indeed for the Buddies.
Debbie scored her goals using her killer instincts from the side of the net, 
one on a rebound, the other a one-timer from the slot. Lynn showed speed and 
exceptional passing ability on the run, proving to be quite the late season
free agent acquisition.
The Mavericks were without their mid-season acquisition Nadine Potvin, who was 
sitting out due to major dental surgery. Nadine's absence proved to be critical,
as did the fact that the Mavs had only substitute for the match. Last week, the
Mavs were able to overcome their limited roster (one sub) against Backdraft 
because they were able to prevent the Big Red Machine from scoring the first 
goal, they created chances in the neutral zone that resulted in three goals 
and they cleared away loose balls. 
Against the Buddies however, the early break that could have given the 
Mavericks momentum never materialized. The defensive, wait-for-the-breaks 
approach when you are trying to conserve energy works very well for a team
when the game is tied or if said team is leading, as was the case against 
Backdraft. But once the Buddies took the lead 2-0, defensewomen Suzanne Solomon 
and Paula Dery began to be converged upon by bloodthirsty attackers on a 
non-stop basis, and since they played without resting, Paula and Suzanne had 
no countermove in the game of offensive chess the Buddies were playing.
With the rematch coming this Thursday in an elimination atmosphere, it will be 
interesting to see the strategies the Buddies and Mavs will employ. Either way,
it is recommended that those who enjoy fast paced hockey reserve front row 
legroom on the ping pong tables next to the windows.
WEEK 20 - Thursday March 16 2000
Peter replaced Régent in nets for both games. Black had not forgotten last 
week’s defeat at the hands of the Monkland Mavericks. There was a sense of 
determination on the Black team; everyone was focused and ready to avenge 
their first defeat in 8 games. Vangie made a solid pre-game speech. The fab 5, 
ball hockey’s most dangerous quintet, were reunited for the second consecutive
Playing without the services of Cathy Miseros, Black adopted a defenseman by
committee system. Ball hockey’s  show time offense took control of things
from the opening faceoff  with some good pressure in the Buddies zone. The 
Principal opened the scoring early in the first period with  her 13th goal of 
the season. She’s one of only 4 players in the league to be averaging 
one goal per game. She has now scored a goal in 6 consecutive games. 
Is she the hottest player in the league at this conjuncture of the season?
The Buddies tied the game before the end of the first period on Carine’s 33rd 
goal of the season. It looks like Carine will win the scoring championship. 
She leads the league in goals and is second in PPG.  In the second period, 
Carine, Sandy, Debbie and The Controller applied some good pressure in the 
Black zone. But Black had some good pressure of their own that was marked by 
the Principal’s second goal of the game on a beautiful high snap shot. That 
ball was smokin’. There was no more scoring for the remainder of the game.<br>
With a 12-5-3 record, the Black team have eclipsed last year’s win total in a 
much more competitive league. The Principal and Christina Nacos have had 
stellar rookie seasons.  The Black mark takes his hat off to the Black team 
on a fantastic regular season. 
The Buddies will finish in 3rd place but are not to be taken lightly in the 
playoffs.  With a total team effort, the Buddies can defeat any team on any 
given night.  The playoff matchups are set. It will be Black versus Backdraft 
and Buddies versus Monkland Mavericks.
by Jimmy Garoufalis
The Mavericks shut down Backdraft 3-0 in a barnburner of a game that was only 
decided when Nadine Potvin and Celyne Blouin added insurance goals in the last 
3 minutes.  It was an inspired performance from a Mavs squad that was only one 
deep on the bench, due to Lina Lavoie's foot injury and the absence of Cynthia 
The atmosphere was equivalent to that of an elimination game.  Both Backdraft 
and the Mavs came out firing on all cylinders and kept up the pace for the 
entire match.  Jennifer Jones Patulli and Sheila Turner continued their recent 
stretch of dominating hockey with eloquent displays of puck possession in the 
Mavs zone, but they were repeatedly stifled by the Black mark.  The 
aforementioned Blouin and Potvin accounted for all three goals, with assists 
coming from Sandra Dewling "The Sun" and Suzanne Solomon.
With only one substitute, the Mavs devised a strategy: Celyne and Nadine on 
the continuous attack to keep Backdraft honest, "The Sun" and Solomon with 
controlled pinching from the point to add extra pressure, and Paula Dery 
staying back to cover any mistakes.  The goal was to prevent fatigue from 
settling in, since they would be underwomanned the whole game.  It definitely 
worked: the Mavs intensity and energy level increased at the same rate as that 
of the heat and pressure.
Backdraft simply was unable, despite their territorial advantage, to score.  
Daphne Nadler had repeated opportunities in front of the net go off her stick 
the wrong way at the most inopportune moment. Michele Laforest's ambidextrous 
point shots reached the Mavs net with increasing velocity but unfortunately 
for the Red Machine, they were turned aside as well.<br>
Backdraft Captain Joyce Turner put on a passing clinic, setting up Rachel 
Hawes and Nadler with picture perfect passes that drew oohs and aahs from 
certain spectators even before they left her stick.  Nathalie Cohen 
distinguished herself with yet another solid two way performance.
Paula Dery, thought she did not figure in the scoring summary, wrote 
another chapter in the overlooked player department, excelling in all the 
important areas: clearing the ball out of harms way, making safe outlet passes
and containing the flow in front of her net.
 If the Backdraft-Maverick game was an indication of the type of hockey
to be expected in the playoffs, CASC followers should reserve front row 
legroom on the ping- pong tables next to the windows.
WEEK 19 - Thursday March 9 2000
It was nice to see the reunification of the fab 5 for the first time in 4 
games; Demitria and Christine Landry have returned. Black took control of the 
game from the get go and displayed the prowess of their show time offense
that was marked by Vangie’s 23rd goal of the season. Black did not score for 
the remainder of the period but it certainly wasn’t from a lack of pressure in 
the Monkland zone.
The Mavericks came out much stronger in the second period. Nadine Potvin scored
her 12th goal of the season on a quick release, accurate low shot that caught a
lonely Black mark slightly off guard. But the Black team, as they always do, 
came right back and took the lead on The Principal’s 11th goal of the season. 
She has now scored a goal in 5 consecutive games. Black kept on shooting but 
they were not picking the corners like they usually do.
This gave the Mavericks a golden opportunity to tie the game, and they did, on 
Nadine Potvin’s, breakaway goal. She possesses a superior combination of 
shooting and stick handling skills. This game left nobody indifferent. Did 
Demitria score? Did Christina Nacos score? Hmmmmmm. For the Mavericks, Sandra 
Dewling drew some ire by playing a rugged brand of hockey. 
The Mavericks took a 3-2 lead early in the third period on a beautiful 
turnaround shot by Célyne Blouin. Black had the ball the in the Monkland zone 
for most of the 3rd period but they could not tie the game. Once they took the
lead, the Maverick forwards put a special emphasis on defense and it paid off. 
The front of the net was well covered. Celyne scored into the empty net to give
Monkland a 4-2 victory, their 10th of the season. Black loses a game on a 
quarterly basis; they hadn’t lost since December 2nd 1999.
On this evening, the Black mark wasn’t as busy as Régent but the Mavericks made
the most of their opportunities on some very accurate shooting. Celyne and 
Nadine were on fire and they deserve special credit for this victory.
There was a lively discussion forum in the ping pong room after the game.
*en francais *
Ce fut un grand plaisir d’assister à la réunification du quituple magnifique 
(fab 5) de l’équipe Noire pour la première fois en 4 parties; Demitria et 
Christine Landry ont fait leur retour au jeu. L’équipe Noire a pris le contrôle
de la partie dès le début en nous démontrant l'effet foudroyant de leur machine 
offensive, qui fut marqué par le 23 but de la saison de Vangie. L’équipe Noire 
n’a pas fait scintiller la lumière rouge pour le restant de la première période 
mais ce n’était certainement pas attribuable à un manque de pression dans la 
zone des Mavericks.
Monkland a débuté la deuxième période avec beaucoup plus de vigueur. Nadine 
Potvin a compté son 12e but de la saison à l’aide d’un tir sur réception qui 
était rapide, bas et précis, et qui a quelque peu surpris le Black mark.  Mais 
l’équipe Noire, toujours fidèle à son habitude, sont revenus en force et ont 
repris les devants grâce au 11ième but de la saison du "Principal", qui a 
maintenant enfilé un but pour la 5ième partie consécutive. L’équipe Noire a 
continué son assaut sur Régent mais leurs tirs en cette soirée n’attaignaient 
pas les 4 coins du filet comme on a l’habitude de le voir. Ceci a donné aux 
Mavericks une opportunité en or d’égaliser la partie et c’est ce qui s’est 
produit; Nadine a marqué son 2e but de la rencontre en déjouant le Black mark 
lors d’une échappée. Nadine est une joueuse dangeureuse; elle manie bien la 
balle tout en sachant comment décocher des boulets de canon.
Cette partie a laissé personne indifférent. Est-ce que Demitria a compté? 
Est-ce que Christina Nacos a compté? Hmmmmmm. Pour les Mavericks, Sandra Dewling
a mis certaines joueuses de l’équipe Noire en furie, en bataillant d’acharne 
pied pour la balle dans les coins du gymnase.
En début de 3e période, les Mavericks ont pris un avance de 3-2 grâce à un tir 
de toute beauté de Célyne.  L’équipe Noire a conservé la balle dans la zone 
des Mavericks pour une grande partie de la 3e période mais elles n’ont pas 
réussi à égaliser la partie. Aussitôt que les Mavericks ont pris les devants, 
leurs joueuses d’avant ont joué de façon plus défensive. Cette stratégie a 
porté fruit. Le devant du filet de Régent était bien couvert. Célyne a compté 
son 2e but de la soirée dans un filet vide pour donner une victoire de 4-2 aux 
Mavericks, leur 10e de la saison. L’équipe Noire ont perdu leur partie 
trimestrielle; leur dernière défaite remontait au 2 décembre 1999. Ca faisait
En cette soirée, le Black mark ne fut pas aussi occupé que Régent mais les 
Mavericks ont maximisé leurs opportunités grâce à des tirs très précis. Célyne 
et  Nadine ont connu un match du tonnerre et il est important de souligner leur 
travail superlatif.
Le débat était animé dans la salle de ping-pong après la partie
by Jimmy Garoufalis
The Controller was talking. She wanted to make sure she was understood. There 
would be no misquotations. "This is going to be a good game for us. I know it."
Sandy Louis was not as confident. The Buddies forward had reservations. She had
questions. "How do we top the Mavericks-Black game?" Sandy asked, referring to 
the exciting contest won by the Desanctis-less Mavs 4-2.
"What can we do for an encore?"
The Controller, who was stretching nearby in anticipation of the 
Buddies-Backdraft game, cooly replied. "Sandy, I have a message for you and 
anyone listening. Throw away all the notes, stop being so guarded. Forget the 
stats and the quotes. This night’s only started."
After The Controller walked away, Sandy shook her head in amazement. "How does 
she do it? So in control. So self-assured. That is why we call her The 
Controller. I’m glad she’s on my team. Well, it’s time for me to get ready." 
Sandy’s voice trailed off as she began her preparation for the 2nd CASC game 
of the evening.
"Wendy won’t be coming tonight." Valerie Frost’s voice was devoid of emotion 
in revealing that one of her top players would be missing. "Replacing her on 
defense will be difficult, but I figure that as long as we have The Controller 
around, we have a chance." Valerie continued filling out the roster, all the 
while staring at The Controller. "She is gonna have a huge game tonight. I can 
sense it."
Lyne Boivin, in only her 2nd game, opened the scoring for the Buddies midway 
through the 1st period. Lynn took a centering pass from the corner and one 
timed it while leaning backwards, showing impressive touch. Backdraft replied
early in the 2nd period on a turn around wrist shot from Jennifer Jones Patulli.
Double J took a Sheila Turner feed in the slot and rifled home the equalizer. 
"Did you see the way she played? She was everywhere out there," Debbie 
Stevenson was saying after the game.
"She is so smooth. She is such a creator on the floor. She is so in control. 
The Controller."
It was not Backdraft’s night.  In their previous 2 games, the punch was 
distributed throughout the lineup.  Not this time.  The defensive unit did not 
start plays with the same precision, and the forwards didn’t jump on the ball 
in the neutral zone.  However at 1-1, a small break was all that was needed. 
It didn’t happen.  After Patulli tied the game, the Carine Contreras Show began.
Carine scored the last 4 goals of the game, allowing the Buddies to end their 
losing streak with a 5-1 victory, as well as put a stranglehold on the scoring 
title with a week to play in the season.
Newcomer My Lan picked up 2 assists and Lynn Boivin added an assist.  My Lan  
played smart hockey, getting rid of the ball in tight situations.  Lynn showed 
all the tools: speed, open floor vision, quick shot. Valerie Frost had a superb
game on defense.  It was noticed and remarked upon early in the 3rd period by 
Paul Iacurto during a very brief lull in the action.  "I think Valerie is 
playing a great game tonight", he whispered softly, with Valerie near center.  
To the shock of some, Valerie turned around and said "I know".  
Debbie Stevenson played a consistent game, getting her hockey stick on a few 
quality rebounds. The Controller was impressed.  "Everyone played perfect out 
there. Carine with the hat trick especially stood out."
With 5 minutes left to play, a clearing attempt by Sandy Louis struck double 
J Patulli flush in the eye.  The game, who won and who lost, became secondary 
at that moment.  Players gathered around the fallen Jennifer, who was clutching
her head.  Thankfully, with the help of a first aid kit and some ice, Jennifer 
was able to return to the bench and watch the remainder of the game, though 
her teammates, with obvious concern for her health, did not allow her to 
continue playing.
The 5-1 victory by the Buddies would have been hard to achieve had it not been 
for "The Controller", Mathilde Ribiero.  She was everywhere.  Mathilde only 
got credit for 2 assists, but was able to control the flow of the game with 
her precise passing, her cool demeanor under pressure and her keen sense of 
Mathilde’s performance was noteworthy, however, not just because she helped 
the Buddies win a hockey game.  It was noteworthy because it helps shatter a 
myth.  The myth that says statistics are the most important ingredient in 
determining how good a player is.  2 assists in a game does not scream for 
attention.  Nor should it.  An excellent all-around performance that helps 
elevate an entire team should not be measured with goals and assists.
The leaderboard, and where a player stands in relation to others, says very 
little concerning the value of individuals to a hockey team. The Controller was
the star.  She always seems to be.  Statistics are not needed to confirm this