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Vangie forever

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Evangelia Platon-Douzepis 1964-2005

In loving memory of Evangelia Platon-Douzepis who passed away at her home on March 2, 2005 with family and friends at her side. We wish that there were words to describe the pain we feel with your loss dear sweet Vangie. We don't know why the Lord has decided to take you so early, but it was a blessing to have had you as part of our lives. Cancer may have taken your body, but your spirit and memory will always live on in our hearts. You were a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and teacher. You will be unbearably missed by your husband Bobby, daughter Ekaterini-Panayiota, mother Panagiota, father Dimitri, sister Mary, brother Spiros and by your nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles, inlaws, and many, many friends. We will always love you our dear sweet Vangie. Days will turn to weeks Weeks will turn to months Months will turn to years Until we are together again Love always, Bobby and Baby.  (Taken in the Montreal Gazette)

Vangie, a 3 times CASC champion with Black team

Vangie, Player of the year in 2000 in CASC

As a french canadian, by advance, i'm sorry if there will be some mispelling!
I am very proud and happy that Vangie's husband gave me permission to do this page about her.  To you Bobby, THANK YOU!
I feel very sad right now.  It didn't feel that way at the funeral, i'm not very demonstrative.  Sad because i couldn't see her at the hospital, or maybe to affraid?   When Theo told me the sad news, i just thought to my mother, that died the same way at age 42 in 1993.  I did not want to see her deteriorate.  I did want to remember her as i've seen her when she was playing.  I did not want to go see her, and being asking by her, how i was, how was Lina, and my kid.  I'm pretty sure she would had ask all those questions if we were ok.  And it would be not fare for her because we're ok, and not her.  But that's how she is, a person smiling to others no matter what.  But still, i regret not seeing her one last time.  For that, i'm deeply sorry.
Vangie the player: A player that was always there to help other players.  Help the new players, just like she did with my wife Lina when she began to play in the league.  Always some advice, always enjoying herself on the field, with a stick in her hands.  That's how i will remember her forever, with a smile and good words for everybody.  Advice and good words on the bench or even when she was playing in nets.
Vangie, we will always remember you, even when there will be no CASC anymore.  Sorry, i see the cursor blanking, my heart his bleeding, i have problem to find the words.  Your spirit will always be there in Casc, on the field.  The spirit of a league with fun, friendly and smiling, just like you miss Evangelia.
Vangie, thank you, thank you so much.  Thank you for helping Lina on the field, thank you for your good words.  Thank you for your donuts.  Thank you for what you were, the best, the kindest person.  I will miss you.  We will miss you so much.  Now, be free to do whatever you want.  You can bodly go where no women has gone before! -- by Régent Proulx.
Now please, to all people that have known her, send me something, if you have pictures, send it.  Thank you.

 was  at a sudden loss of words  when i heard what happened to
you - finally  I thought i share a moment that may define one of the many characteristics you possess that others already know - when you first joined the team to help us i did not know what to
expect no, never the worse that would be me,  I just wondered
out loud if my team mates would accept you and vice versa.  As
it turned out you were a fine addition to the team being vocal
on the bench reminded me that i wasn't the only one that shouts
and screams though yours were more of words of encouragement and praise never critical -you remind me of  dedication and passion that you bring into the game and the moments when i feel like hanging up the "skates"  so to speak - i now have another reason the resolve to rekindle the passion that keeps me going - i've decided for myself - i don't know about others that i've dedicated my season as well as the year to honor you. As you travel from one plane of existence to the next may you travel well for though you are missed, you are remembered but never forgotten.  ---- by JW


Hi Reggie,
First of all thank you for sharing your thoughts and for giving Vangie a place on the casc website...she belongs there because she definetly belonged with this league.
Approximately seven years ago I was so ecstatic to see an ad in the gazette that was looking for women to play ballhockey...the rest is history.  I'm proud to still be a part of this league and very proud to have been able to play on the same team for the next few years with Vangie.  Vangie, a calm soft spoken person with alot of talent and a positive presence.  She taught me alot and thank goodness because let me tell you I couldn't get a goal in even if there was no goalie.  She was so giving and patient and I realized a huge part of the black team.  I always smiled when I saw her coming in for our games...of course she made things happen, scored goals and won games for us but it was more than that, she made it exciting and we learned from her.  The day she played for another team I was sad and I new that I would miss her but knowing she was still apart of this league was good enough.  She continued to shine as a player and a person especially the last game she played in nets a year ago will stay with me always.  She played the best game ever.  She made save after save and beautiful ones and at the end of the game I patted her on the head and butt and said were awesome.  She smiled and said thanks and gave a look as if she couldn't believe how incredible she played....humble that Vangie.  A year later we don't believe and are a loss for words.  I just wish it was because she just finished playing another incredible game. 
Vangie....teaching, encouraging, motivating, helping, touched so many of us.  Thank you.

As one of the members of the evil Black team, I had the privilege of playing with Vangie for four years.  Not only a true competitor, she was a motivating captain and an exceptional but never selfish player. 
I hadn't realised how much I had liked her as a person until she was gone.  And having wtinessed the outpouring of grief at the viweing, realised I was not alone. I believe there are some people who just by their sheer presence,  fill the world with joy. It was also so amazing to me how much she loved playing ball hockey and what an important part of her life we all were.  I was told at the viewing that she had fully intended to return to CASC after her treatments - such a testimony to her determination and love of the sport.

With her passing away I personally felt a great sense of loss and I have to admit, ball hockey was a little different the following week.  I hope to be able to return with the same passion she had for the game and wish for all of you the same thing - be it ball hockey or life.