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Archives CASC

Evil Inc #2 de Jimmy Garoufalis, Preview season 98

The saga of Paul Iacurto, by Jimmy G., September 98

Evil Inc #3 de Jimmy G., september 98

Evil Inc #4, September 98

Opening night: Bluedogs vs Renegades, september 98

"New" Heat defeated by Renegades, september 98

Evil Inc #6 de Jimmy G., October 98

Evil inc #6 (a), October 98

Evil Inc #7 de Jimmy G., october 98

Mystery Blizzard, october 98

Bluedog's super subs, october 98

Casc merchandise sales soaring (REALLY FUNNY!), October 98

CASC player salaries out of control, October 98

Evil Inc #8 de Jimmy G., november 98

Evil inc #9 (a), November 98 (debut of ASK THE LEGEND)

CASC team revenues on the rise, november 98

Evil Inc #9 de Jimmy G., Casc Midseason report, december 98

John Wong "In his own words", 1998

Player salaries out of control, by Régent Proulx, February 99

Midseason Recap, February 99

Evil Inc de Jimmy G., february 99

Sean Marcellin interview, by Ex Casc player, May 99

My take on the 98/99 season, by ex Casc player, May 99

Semi final #1 of CASC World ball hockey tournament, May 99


THE WORLD CUP OF BALL HOCKEY An overview of this historic tournament, May 99

Mike Murphy Interview, June 99

Allan Randeem Interview, July 99

Evil INc de Jimmy G. about Dragons of Concordia league, August 99

Renegades, champion 99 Concordia league, August 99

Mike Callaghan's BBQ (IT'S A WILD PARTY BABY!!), September 99

Season preview 99-00, septembre 99

A night to remember, by Kamlesh Patel, November 99

"Paul Iacurto", by Kamlesh Patel, November 99

The Seanster, the greatest, by ex Casc player, November 99

Statistically obsessed, by Gary Cohen, November 99

Sportsmanship, by Gary Cohen, November 99

Profile of Jimmy G., by Kamlesh Patel, December 99

The ref's perspective, By Eric Boghen, January 2000

In the zone by Gary Cohen (player of the Renegades), March 2000

Quarter Final preview, March 2000

Semi Final Preview, March 2000

Renegades, Casc champions 99-00, April 2000

Entrevue avec Régent Proulx, faite par un ex joueur de CASC, Mai 2000

CASC Player of the year, chez les hommes en 2000.

Recaps Division du Mardi 2000-01

Chronique de Régent octobre 2001

Recaps 2000-01 Division "A"

Recaps Division "A" 2000-01 2è partie

Recaps Division "A" 2000-01 3è partie

Recaps Division du Mardi, 2002-03 2003-04

Recaps division "A" 2002-2003, 2003-2004

Recaps division "B" 2002-2003, 2003-2004

Sondage-Survey 2003-2004

World cup 2004

Recaps Mardi-Tuesday Division, 2004-2005

Recaps Vendredi-Friday 2004-2005

Power Play vendredi-Friday 2004-05

League Leaders-Meneurs de la ligue Vendredi 2004-05

Recap Vendredi-Friday 2005-2006

Avantages numériques Vendredi - Power Play Friday 2005-2006

Stats Gardiens Vendredi - Goalies stats friday

Recap Mardi-Tuesday 2005-2006

Jimmy's article part 1 : A very confusing time March 7th 2006

Jimmy G. Diaries. Part two : A "Real" problem...

Jimmy G. Diaries. Part three : Lecture city part one.

Jimmy Garoufalis Diaries. Part four: Lecture city part 2

Recap Mardi - Tuesday 2006-2007

Recap vendredi - Friday 2006-2007

Recap Mardi - Tuesday Recap 2007-2008

Recap vendredi - Friday recap 2007-2008

Résumé Mixte Mardi - Tuesday Mix recap 2008-2009

Résumé Vendredi - Friday Recap 2008-2009

Résumé Vendredi - Friday recaps 2009-2010

Résumé Vendredi - Friday recaps 2010-2011

Résumé Vendredi - Friday recaps 2011-2012

Résumé Vendredi - Friday Recaps 2012-2013